Ack! It’s here!

December 16, 2018

And all my Christmas stuff is not, yet, but I’m counting on UPS, USPS and FedEx to pull me through. A quick dash out for stocking stuffers, and I’ll be good to go (crossing all fingers and toes).

Of more concern, at this moment, is Christmas dinner, which is actually two days BEFORE Christmas, on Sunday.  And treatmaking that needs to be finished. I think I will declare all next week “kitchen week,” with the exception of Monday, when I have to go to Sikeston, Mo., a 2 1/2 hour drive, for a meeting.

I’m about to get a menu hammered out.  Roast beef, ham and turkey for sliders on homemade rolls. Cranberry salad. Potato salad. Mac and cheese. Marinated broccoli and cauliflower and carrots.  A fruit salad. Cheeses and assorted crackers and crostini. Deviled eggs. Pickle-y things. And just to make it festive, some caviar. I have a jar squirreled away in the pantry. Dessert is either a pecan pie cheesecake or banana pudding.

Treats are a different animal. I need to make two more applesauce cakes. I need to make more chocolate oatmeal cookies and some macaroons, and I’ll also make a couple of other kinds — maybe Italian horn cookies, probably pecan meltaways. Maybe some oatmeal cookies with candied fruit in them, as I have some of that I won’t use in the applesauce cakes.  A couple of loaves of banana bread, being that I have bananas going south.

Then there’s candy. Three or four kinds of fudge, some pralines, some toffee, maybe divinity if I can catch a good clear day. I’ve never made divinity, and I try to make it a practice to make something every year I’ve never made.

Also have to make a loaf of bread and a thing of pimiento cheese as a Christmas present for a friend who loves both and isn’t a sweets eater. Give ’em what they want, y’know?

Christmas Day cooking will be light, as it will just be Child A and me. A breakfast casserole and a pitcher of mimosas will do just fine. We’ll have sandwich makings left from Christmas dinner if we get hungry for anything else. 

I’ll have AGCs 1 and 3 over the weekend, so it will be whatever they want to eat, heavy on the chicken nuggets and grilled cheese. And I’ll head back to Nashvegas with them New Year’s Eve, with black-eyed peas and smoked sausage in hand, to have a big pot of same ready when their mom and dad get home on Tuesday, along with some greens, I guess, bad as I hate to, but it’s New Year’s, so I guess I’ll have to. And cornbread, all cornmeal, thankyouverymuch, as Child B don’t be doin’ no wheat gluten. Then Jan. 2 I’ll be headed back home.

As much as I’ve been/will be on the road, it’s a good thing I have a New Car. Well, new the to me, anyway. It makes me smile.

I hope you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em are going to have an absolutely marvelous Christmas season. And that you’re closer to ready for it than I am.

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