Pork posole plus

October 20, 2016

soup-clip-artThe pork roast that keeps on giving has now given me a fine, fine batch of posole.

I don’t know why posole isn’t more popular than it is. Its cousin, tortilla soup, gets all the love. But posole, with its squeaky grains of hominy, embodies much of the same taste and texture, in a much more, to me, interesting fashion.

Particularly this batch. No photos, because, well, soup just isn’t that photogenic.

I have a great from-scratch posole recipe. But it’s been ages since I made it, and I wasn’t certain where I’d stashed it, so I went googling for one to give me a general guideline, as I knew I wasn’t going to go exactly by the recipe anyway. And I found one from Epicurious that included pinto beans as well as the hominy. “Well,” sez I to myself, “that ought to work.” And Self agreed it would, so we set about it.

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If I ate lunch like this every day, I'd be fat again.

If I ate lunch like this every day, I’d be fat again.

This is why you cook pork roast.

This is merely ONE of the marvelous things you can do with a piece of pig shoulder you have carefully nurtured in the oven for hours, in a meticulously constructed sauce, basting regularly….

Or, on the other hand, what you can do with pulled pork from the big honkin’ shoulder roast you coated in pastrami rub, refrigerated overnight, and then slapped in a Dutch oven, poured a bottle of beer in the bottom, stuck in a quartered onion, and forgot it in the oven for five or six hours.

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Just one or two things…

October 18, 2016

Who, me? Too much condiment shopping? Nahhhhh....

Who, me? Too much condiment shopping? Nahhhhh….

That was all I was going to get at the international market in Memphis, on my way back from Jackson and delivering two monkey children, aka Amazing Grandchildren 1 and 3, back to their mama, who had been out of town.

Which is why, as a matter of fact, I haven’t been cooking, or, to tell the truth, eating any heckuva lot for the past few days. Since Thursday, I’ve spent 19 hours in the car and the rest of the time doing what I was told by two preschoolers. Well, except for two superb concerts in between. And not a lot of sleep.

But they’re such CUTE little critters!

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Not very good photo. Very good dinner.

Not very good photo. Very good dinner.

I love it when fall finally starts creeping around. When you break out your fuzzy slippers (those of us permanently afflicted with chilly feet). When the morning nip in the air perks you up when you take the dog outside. When the leaves start to drift downward, when you smell wood smoke, when you want to go spend a day hiking in the woods.

When you want to braise something.

I’m trying to empty my freezer, as my yearly allotment of cow will be arriving later this month. One of the things in it was an eight-pound pork roast I’d picked up when Kroger had a good sale on shoulder roasts a while back. I decided it was time.

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Curry. In a hurry. And good, and easy.

Curry. In a hurry. And good, and easy.

I nailed the chicken curry last night. Nailed. It.

Decided I needed to cook. Didn’t know what I wanted. Decided to thaw chicken breasts, on the basis that I could go in a bunch of directions from there.

Wound up with chicken curry. And I didn’t pull out a recipe, I just winged it with what I know generally goes in there. Worked like a charm.

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I’m ba-ack!

October 7, 2016

Fish sandwich was decent. Ambience was stellar!

Fish sandwich was decent. Ambience was stellar!

But only about as long as it’ll take me to figure out how to move to Massachusetts.

Just kidding. My three days up there were lovely, and I fell in love with the fishing village of Marblehead, but I imagine I’d be pretty miserable in February. Not to mention they don’t know what pimiento cheese is. Nor fried okra. And I have no idea what vegetables would grow well, albeit for a much shorter growing season.

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And then there was lasagna

October 2, 2016

Lasagna for home. Could've stood a bit more spice.

Lasagna for home. Could’ve stood a bit more spice.

I did promise y’all details on lasagna, so here you go:

I’d promised I would cook dinner for a friend who’s recently had a death in the family. I settled on lasagna because, lasagna. Everyone likes it (there are kids involved, an adolescent and a kindergartener), it’s not time-sensitive (you can put it together today and cook it whenever you want), and it’ll feed a horde.

For good measure, I put together a 10 x 13 pan for my friend, and a 7 x 11 pan for us here at the house. Ran out of sauce, too, so I had to improvise, and didn’t get the home version seasoned as well as I’d have liked.

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