An image-less Thanksgiving

November 25, 2012

Well. It was Thanksgiving. I cooked. We all ate a lot. It was good. The end.

OK, OK, not really. Not really the end, I mean. But it’s just a shame to cook a great, traditional Thanksgiving meal, and not have a single stinkin’ photo of it. I’m not sure why I don’t; it was just that every time I started to fetch the camera, I got busy with something else.

As usual, my Thanksgiving was strictly along traditional lines. I cook this dinner once a year. I’ve got it down to a pretty fine science, and it’s all the stuff we like, and I don’t see much need in messing about with the menu.

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Is it over?

December 27, 2011

NOTE: I wrote this, delayed posting until I downloaded the pics, and promptly forgot it. So here it is.

Most excellent Christmas dinner: Lasagna and a roll

I think it is. Christmas, that is. It’s the holiday I just don’t do well, that always throws me down in the dumps, leaves me weary and depressed. But it’s past, and there seemed to be no major defects, other than the lack of my eldest daughter at the family festivities due to a migraine, and now we can get back to the business of life as usual until this time next week, when we’ll be shrugging off the overindulgences of New Year’s.

The Christmas lasagna was a success; perhaps not the best I have ever cooked, but up there amongst them. I used diced up sopressata and pepperoni, brought back from Philly; it was quite excellent. It paled, though, beside the rolls.

The aforementioned rolls, in a photo that does not do them justice.

These are Miss Mary Loyd Young’s rolls, beloved by anyone who ever ate at the Marion United Methodist Church’s turkey dinner every November since time immemorial. Lovely, light, fluffy things they are; rich with butter, just a touch sweet, soft and airy and pillowy. I make them every Thanksgiving and Christmas because, well, just because you ought to have ties with the past on holidays. And that’s one of them.

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