Watermelon puree — ice cream on the hoof!

…wherein we try our hand at freezing watermelon. Fairly successfully.

I bought a watermelon over Fourth of July weekend, and it’s been sitting in my kitchen floor ever since. I got tired of walking around it. And AGC2 got up this morning and demanded watermelon for breakfast, so I decided to cut it.

It was a sizeable watermelon. Once I cut it, there existed the question of what to do with the nine-tenths of it he and I did NOT eat for breakfast.

In an unrelated train of food-related thought, I had been wanting to try my little Cuisinart ice cream maker ever since I got the new freezer, which gives me room to keep the ice cream freezer bowl, well, frozen.

Those two trains of thought collided head-on earlier this week.

I could, I said to myself, puree however much of that watermelon we didn’t want to eat, and I could see how it worked frozen. And self said, “Yeah, we ought to be able to do that.” And the watermelon continued to sit in the kitchen floor. Until AGC2 spurred me to cut it this morning.

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"Watermelon," AGC exclaimed in delight when he saw it

“Watermelon,” AGC exclaimed in delight when he saw it

Whew, Lawdy, y’all. I’m TIRED!

I have been in my kitchen All Day Long. Which is a Good Thing, as I have been so busy all week that I’ve barely managed to make a quick meal here and there. So today, I put in a marathon session. I have made a batch of yogurt, a batch of granola, a bowl of chicken salad, a coconut cake, a batch of bread, and a grilled cheese sandwich for AGC 2. I made a brine and put a bottom round roast in to corn, as St. Pat’s is coming up, and now I have a couple of smaller pieces of brisket simmering in Guinness in the slow cooker to shred up tomorrow for sandwiches.

I’m not sure what possessed me, but it’s surely worn me out.

Along the way, I took time to use a kitchen gadget Child A had gotten me last summer for my birthday that I’d never used.

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