NOTE: There are no photos with this, well, because I didn’t get up off my dead butt and drag the veggies out of the fridge and shoot one. Google ’em.

You know how you grew up eating some vegetables, and some you…just didn’t?

We had a massive (I’m talking a good acre, here, if not more) garden when I was growing up in the rural South. I loved me some fresh vegetables from it, too, as much as I didn’t like working in it. But looking back, I see our repertoire was limited.

We grew beans, both green and “shelly beans,” which I now know as pintos, but then did not relate at all to the dried variety we’d buy in bags at the grocery; peas, usually some sort of field pea (crowders or purple hulls or both) because Daddy did not like green peas; okra; tomatoes; peppers; corn; lettuce; carrots; onions; potatoes; cucumbers; squash; cabbage. We were heavy on the corn and legumes and cucumbers, huge stores of which were “put up,” canned or frozen, for the winter.

But there are a whole host of vegetables I didn’t eat until I was grown, for the simple reason we didn’t grow them. Among them are some that I now count among my favorites, like asparagus and eggplant. Others, if not favorites, at least make regular appearances in the rotation, like broccoli, carrots and brussels sprouts, all three of which I’m going to attempt to grow this year. I’ve learned to love parsnips, although I’m not fond of celeriac. I’ve decided a leek is nothing but a green onion that grew up, and I’m good with them, as I am with shallots.

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Busy holiday Saturday

July 1, 2017

The quintessential summer lunch: The BTPC.

Woof. I’m tired.

By 10 a.m., I’d been to the farmers’ market twice, two grocery stores, Sam’s, and run some other errands. Then I came home and got busy.

I put everything away (exhausting in and of itself), put three racks of  baby back ribs in the water bath to sous vide, and made 15 pounds of sauerkraut. Well, it’s not sauer yet, but it’s on its merry way toward fermentation, basking in its brine in its bucket in the dining room. Come mid-August, we’ll have us some sauerkraut.

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More leftover salad

June 13, 2016

Yum. Fine lunch, even if it was mostly leftovers.

Yum. Fine lunch, even if it was mostly leftovers.

NOTE: Here’s a post I mostly wrote before I got all crippled up, so y’all won’t miss me TOO much. In other news, I successfully cut up a canteloupe this morning. Carry on.

I put the rest of that leftover roasted corn to good use today, and will have another lunch or two off of it before it’s gone.

Together with the rest of the sliced tomato I had on a BLT yesterday, and the remains of a fresh pineapple that MIGHT have one more day left in it, it was a fine leftovers lunch.

Not to mention another fine use for roasted corn. This is a minimalist version of a salad I’ve made before, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it. I was going to make up another batch of the corn/avocado/bacon salad, but the remaining avocado had reposed too long on the countertop. So I stuck the corn in the microwave to nuke for a minute and take the chill off, and contemplated the pantry.

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What WERE going to be sides. Until they were an entree.

In the overall cook-vs-corned brisket, I am now 0-for-2. And not being an abject fool, I ain’t goin’ there again.

It may perhaps be because it was buffalo brisket, rather than beef. But 20 hours in the sous vide produced an inedibly tough, not to mention way too salty, brisket.


Dinner, however, was saved by the presence of fresh vegetables, courtesy of the Farmers Market, of which I attended two today. The male diners, NS and Chief Taste Tester, had pizza for their entree. Child C and I had veggies — fried squash and onions, roasted potatos and carrots, and fried green tomatos for Child C, because she loves them so. All procured this very morning at the market.

First peaches of the season at the market today.

We started out the day at the Hot Springs market, which has been bursting with veggies for the past couple of weeks. Our market’s a wonderful place; lots of artisan foods, lots of crafts, great music. Today’s music was a Russian violinist.  There were the tamales, the baked goods, the honey, the fried pies. Home-brewed root beer. Green beans have started to come in. There’s apparently a bumper crop of squash, judging from the amount out there. All manner of greens, from Laotian family’s bok choi to kale to cabbage and assorted other stuff. And lots of folks with dogs. Info booths for all sorts of community organizations.

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Veggies, redux

July 1, 2011

More farmers’ market bounty for dinner tonight:

Potatos, tomatos, corn, butterbeans. Ham as an afterthought.

Note to self: You need to stop buying more produce at the market every Saturday than you can use. There are still eggplants in the fridge, and tomatos on the counter, and day after tomorrow is market day again.

Anyway. Tonight was butterbeans, corn on the cob, new potatos, tomatos, and leftover ham from Christmas that had been vac-packed and frozen  since them. And it was quite excellent.

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