This week’s market haul. And I wasn’t going to buy much.

Hello. My name is Kay, and I’m a veggieholic.

I am not ashamed. And the only 12 steps I may be undertaking are the ones between my couch and the kitchen stove, for what may be a second helping. In a few minutes.

Lord help me, I love spring and summer, for all manner of reasons, not least because of the bounty of fresh vegetables they bring. And farmers’ markets.

I’ve been on the road this week, and I’m still battling the aftermath of a stomach bug, so I haven’t even cooked the veggies I got LAST weekend at the market. I started not to even go today — it was rainy and drizzly — but I remembered the Amish guy saying he’d have ripe tomatoes next week. This was, in fact, next week. So the dawg and I took out in the rain for the market.

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Chicken challenge, Day 3

April 12, 2016

Lemon chicken pasta and veggies. A light taste of spring.

Lemon chicken pasta and veggies. A light taste of spring.

Tonight was my pick of the recycled chicken so far.

I ran across a recipe in the Memphis newspaper this week for a lemon shrimp pasta with green peas. Given that I know you can sub chicken for shrimp in most any recipe you want to, I decided to adapt it.

I pulled the chicken out of the fridge and went ahead and picked the rest of the meat off the bones. The carcass and skin is now in the freezer, and will go into stock at some point. Of the meat, I separated the remaining breast and rib meat from the thigh, two drumsticks and a wing, and chopped it fine, then set it aside. The dark meat got chopped as well; we’ll get to it later.

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Miso-glazed cod. Too good to be this healthy.

Miso-glazed cod. Too good to be this healthy.

Because you need healthy, tasty stuff in your kitchen repertoire.

I had ordered cod from Schwan’s, because I haven’t had cod in so long I forgot what it tasted like. Pulled a couple of filets out of the freezer yesterday, thawed them, and set about determining how and with what I was going to cook them for dinner last night.
I had been to the produce market and grocery earlier this week, so I had a fridge-full of green stuff. Green stuff goes well with fish, and we’d had beef and chicken already this week. So, it was a foregone conclusion we would have fish some time this week, and that time was Wednesday night.

Miso-glazed cod sounded good, not least because I had the stuff for it. It’s a pretty simple prep: mix a quarter-cup each of miso paste (available in Asian and health food markets, and some larger supermarkets) and brown sugar, and throw in a good slug of mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine) and sesame oil. Marinate the cod filets for between 30 minutes and a hour, then broil them for 3-4 minutes, brush with more sauce, reduce the oven heat to 375, and bake for another 6-7 minutes. Boom. Done.

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Fancy is NOT as fancy does

February 29, 2016

Good as a three-star restaurant, and I could eat in my pj's.

Good as a three-star restaurant, and I could eat in my pj’s.

Want to impress folks with a knockout dinner? One that takes you less than 30 minutes (and a day’s forethought) to prepare?

Cook some king crab legs.

Yeah, those things. In part, they’re impressive looking because they can be, if not disjointed, better than two feet long (there’s a REASON that crab was king, folks!). In part, it’s because for most diners, they’re a special occasion, dinner-out kind of splurge.

They’re also dead easy to cook.

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There is something to be said for cooking a three-quarters healthy dinner after drrinking a six-pack of beer by the pool. I think.

I had not actually planned to cook. The original plan was to eat leftovers, because NS was expected to work today. But they had a sked mix-up, he came home, and I had to feed the starving child.

So we grilled fish, blanched some fresh sugar snap peas, and made mac and cheese. And I sliced tomatos with mine. Like his father, NS will not get wwithin shouting distance of a raw tomato. Foolish Yankees. Read the rest of this entry »

Pasta. Peas. Tomatos. Cheese. Poetry. I'm just sayin'.

The above photograph represents both a damn fine dinner and a triumph over technology, the latter of which is why I’m posting it at 6:30 in the freakin’ morning instead of last night when it was fresh on my mind.

My almost-new laptop told me it did not have enough quota to save the photos from my camera, but several hours of effing with it, along with a restless night’s sleep and renewed determination, fixed that. I got yo’ quota, right here, uh-huh.

But this pasta…these capreses….this is worth blogging at 6:30 in the freakin’ morning.

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Cooking again. A little.

February 26, 2010

I did actually cook last night. Sorta. I made tomato soup and grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches, and they were damn good, thankyouverymuch. And tonight is going to be meatballs in bolognese sauce, with risotto (because I just don’t feel like pasta) and maybe even some roasted carrots.

And today at lunch I ate a brussels sprout that I liked.

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