It's quick, and it's good, and you can use leftovers.

It’s quick, and it’s good, and you can use leftovers.

Where was this dish when I was hustling to feed kids in between getting off work and heading to the ballpark or the band concert?

Well, for one thing, I didn’t know how to cook anything Asian, faux or otherwise, when they were little. For another, they’d have probably looked at me suspiciously. As would my husband.

But beef and broccoli is about the easiest thing you can throw together for a quick, healthy meal. In fact, if you do your prep in advance and cook your rice, you can have this on the table in 15 minutes. (If you do your prep just before your cook, it’ll probably take you 30. Which is OK, because it’ll take that long for your rice to cook, if you do not, as I did, have some cooked rice frozen.)

In any event, By All Means do ALL your prep before you start cooking. Hear me on this. If you do not do so, you Will Regret It, because like all Asian food, once the groceries start hitting the hot pan, it goes fast and it needs your attention.

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An everyday stirfry

February 5, 2014

Stir fry R us.

Stir fry R us.

One of the things about getting a quarter of a beef is that you find yourself rummaging about in the freezer, coming up with a cut of meat you wouldn’t normally buy at the grocery, and thinking, “H’mm. Now what?”

I was rummaging in just that fashion t’other day, and I came out with a piece of top sirloin steak. Now, top sirloin is not typically a steak I buy. If I want a steak to grill, I’m going to go with a porterhouse, a ribeye or a filet. I’ve tried top sirloin, and it generally doesn’t have a great flavor like a ribeye or a porterhouse, nor is it as tender as a filet, so I typically pass it up.

But here it was. So I fetched it inside, went to the interwebs, and commenced looking at ways to prepare it.

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Sunday redux

November 1, 2009

Well, the most egregious of summer clothes are emptied out of the closet, the dishes are washed (which had to wait until we had hot water again), the fridge cleaned out, the laundry done, if not put up, and dinner has been served.

11-1-09 002

Call it "what's in the fridge" stir-fry.

And for a “I really ought to use this up” dinner, it was pretty damn good, except the pork was freezer-burned, which simply meant it had to be picked out and pushed aside into a little porky mound, and I just ate veggies.

I was trying to see just what I had in the fridge when I ran across a big damn butterflied pork loin chop, about the size and thickness of a piece of Texas toast. It had some ice crystals on it, but I thought, “Oh, it’ll be OK.”

It wasn’t.

Won’t make that mistake again.

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