Summer bounty: Crowder peas, slaw, capreses, SV pork loin. Marvelous!

It has, friends, been summer. More specifically, it has been summer in a home whose central air unit is undersized for the amount of square footage it is designed to serve. Which means it has been too freaking hot for cooking in the evenings, which is, y’know, when I can cook. So there have been a lot of salads, a lot of make-aheads, a few Crock-pot meals, and some take-out, at least until this last week, when it’s cooled off to the point I have turned the stove on briefly to cook a few things. Like fried okra. And purple hulled peas, and crowder peas, and squash, and eggplant, and such. Oh, and corn. We have corn. Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, we have corn, and I’ve eaten it half a dozen times already since I got the first corn maybe three weeks ago.

Will have corn tonight, as a matter of fact. With a slowly-grilled Boston butt, which is slowly grilling as we speak. And a tomato and cucumber salad, and some slaw, and maybe some baked beans. More on that later.

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