Back in the kitchen…

June 22, 2009

…After a weekend on the road. Somewhere around 800 miles in three days, and we came rolling in, hot and tired, ‘long about 10 last night. I wasn’t worth killing today, and may go to bed before dark tonight.

But I’ve acquired a 14-year-old male child, which is interesting because I don’t know anything about raising boys, albeit I’ll only have him for three or four weeks presuming his father gets better, which he seems to be doing. So I needed to feed the boy, something that has been causing me some anxiety, because what can I do to get this kid out of the rut of chicken strips and mac and cheese?

He said he’d eat lima beans. So I fixed lima beans. I’ve not seen the kid yet who wouldn’t eat whole-kernel corn. I was in a notion for salmon croquettes, so I put that on the menu. And to make sure I didn’t starve him, I DID fix homemade mac and cheese.


Yum. Mostly.

Yum. Mostly.

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