Salad days

October 21, 2017

NOTE: This was written last weekend. I have munched off and on on said salads all week, but given my schedule has been shot to hell by the serious illness and death of a dear friend, there are no pictures. Let your imaginations work for you.

Salad is just different in the fall.

In the spring, salads are light, fresh. They focus on the newest, greenest, freshest ingredients, and they take only the lightest of dressings. They often incorporate fruit, as well as the early veggies that tell you winter has broken and spring is here.

Fall salads are different. Many of their components are cooked, and served either warm or at room temperature. They focus on a lot of root vegetables. The dressings are heavier, spicier. They often contain grains, and chopped meats. In general, they’re just heartier, in keeping with a cooler temperature and a season when, in past times, you’d be working harder than usual to beat the weather and bring in the last of the harvest.

I love fall and winter salads. I love dishes you can serve at room temperature, and one-dish combos that aren’t soups or braises but that are hearty enough to make a meal.

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Well, hello…and a new toy

September 21, 2017

Simple and good.

Tossing my hat gently in the door…Anybody still hanging around here?

I’ve been absent. Semi-off-the-grid. Busy as hell. On the road. And dealing with a minor injury, all of which has conspired to mostly keep me out of the kitchen. I think I’ve cooked twice in the past week, and one of those, I felt puny and didn’t eat much (and it was some of my favorite stuff, too). And I have been in the throes of an insomnia cycle, which plays havoc with both my work AND my cooking, but I think I’m about at the end of that.

And I have a new toy. After wanting one for two years, I have pulled the trigger on a Masterbilt electric smoker. It arrived Tuesday, and I’ve not taken time to pull it out of the box, but Lord willing, I plan to smoke me a big ol’ chicken in it this weekend, and maybe  a piece or two of brisket at the same time. I can always freeze the brisket. Am also contemplating smoking some salmon and some tuna. We shall see. I have just ordered 50 bucks worth of assorted flavors of wood chips, so I should be ready to go.

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Sunday salad lunch

June 12, 2017

Clockwise from upper left, peaches and cottage cheese, broccoli cauliflower, cucumber, jail slaw.

I came home from church yesterday absolutely ravenous, with no plans as to what to eat, or cook, for either lunch or dinner. Contemplated stopping by somewhere to pick up something, and decided that was ridiculous, given I had two refrigerators, a pantry and a countertop overflowing with food either already prepared or waiting to be prepared.

So I came home and fixed myself a salad luncheon, which had the added plus of emptying the refrigerator of some odds and ends of different dishes.

Clockwise from top left, we have peaches over cottage cheese (finished off the peaches); broccoli and cauliflower salad I’d been jonesing for for a week, and finally made Sunday morning before church; the last of the other day’s cucumber salad, and a serving of jail slaw to round things out. It made a fine lunch.

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More leftover salad

June 13, 2016

Yum. Fine lunch, even if it was mostly leftovers.

Yum. Fine lunch, even if it was mostly leftovers.

NOTE: Here’s a post I mostly wrote before I got all crippled up, so y’all won’t miss me TOO much. In other news, I successfully cut up a canteloupe this morning. Carry on.

I put the rest of that leftover roasted corn to good use today, and will have another lunch or two off of it before it’s gone.

Together with the rest of the sliced tomato I had on a BLT yesterday, and the remains of a fresh pineapple that MIGHT have one more day left in it, it was a fine leftovers lunch.

Not to mention another fine use for roasted corn. This is a minimalist version of a salad I’ve made before, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it. I was going to make up another batch of the corn/avocado/bacon salad, but the remaining avocado had reposed too long on the countertop. So I stuck the corn in the microwave to nuke for a minute and take the chill off, and contemplated the pantry.

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Summer bounty: Crowder peas, slaw, capreses, SV pork loin. Marvelous!

It has, friends, been summer. More specifically, it has been summer in a home whose central air unit is undersized for the amount of square footage it is designed to serve. Which means it has been too freaking hot for cooking in the evenings, which is, y’know, when I can cook. So there have been a lot of salads, a lot of make-aheads, a few Crock-pot meals, and some take-out, at least until this last week, when it’s cooled off to the point I have turned the stove on briefly to cook a few things. Like fried okra. And purple hulled peas, and crowder peas, and squash, and eggplant, and such. Oh, and corn. We have corn. Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, we have corn, and I’ve eaten it half a dozen times already since I got the first corn maybe three weeks ago.

Will have corn tonight, as a matter of fact. With a slowly-grilled Boston butt, which is slowly grilling as we speak. And a tomato and cucumber salad, and some slaw, and maybe some baked beans. More on that later.

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When neighbors cook

August 20, 2009

This is NOT a bad meal to come home from work to. Not at all.

This is NOT a bad meal to come home from work to. Not at all.

You get dinner like this waiting for you when you get home from work. It’s almost enough to make me want to be married to a man who cooks. Almost.

Anyway, last night I had fed DTHN some Low Country Boil, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He reciprocated tonight with made-at-the-butcher-shop bratwurst (good bratwurst, I might add); Bavarian sauerkraut (with ham and caraway seed and I-don’t-know-what-all-else; and creamy potato salad. Good stuff. Even though I’d been to a reception and wasn’t all that hungry, having been starving when I did arrive at said reception and having munched my way through two plates of raw veggies.

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