The pluperfect burger

November 12, 2011

Hel-LO, sweetheart! Come here, you gorgeous thing!

Sweet Baby Jesus. I have Done It. I have constructed the absolute best damn burger in the universe, thank you very much. And I am so full I am really, really grateful that I didn’t, couldn’t finish it, doubly grateful I didn’t make any sides to go with it.

Is that not a work of art? I thought so.

It’s Petit Jean Farms beef; bacon jam; smoked gouda; kosher dill pickles; and chipotle honey butter. And it’s on a rosemary garlic yeast roll from the Farmers Market.

The chipotle honey butter put the finishing touch on it, and I did it as an afterthought. I thought I was grabbing bread and butter slices, when in fact it was kosher dill ones. Once I noticed, I figured I’d compensate with a little bit of sweet … oh, and a little bit of hot, too.

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