Dinner report

February 27, 2010

Not to get too complex about the whole thing, but, Yum.

Petit Jean Farms free-range, grass-fed beef is SO worth four bucks a pound.

Here you see a cross between meatballs and slider patties; i.e., a meatball flattened out a little, seared on both sides, and then simmered for an hour in a lovely, rich marinara sauce, spooned over orzo, with a side of coriander roasted carrots.

Oh. My. God. This was so good I forgot to add the parmegiano I’d just grated, but it didn’t matter.

And when you consider that pound of ground beef, by the time you add a half-cup of cracker crumbs and an egg to it, made enough meatball/sliders for four, y’know, that ain’t no ┬ábad deal. Not at all. But the meat just defies description. I don’t think I’ll ever buy grocery ground beef again.

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