This week’s market haul. And I wasn’t going to buy much.

Hello. My name is Kay, and I’m a veggieholic.

I am not ashamed. And the only 12 steps I may be undertaking are the ones between my couch and the kitchen stove, for what may be a second helping. In a few minutes.

Lord help me, I love spring and summer, for all manner of reasons, not least because of the bounty of fresh vegetables they bring. And farmers’ markets.

I’ve been on the road this week, and I’m still battling the aftermath of a stomach bug, so I haven’t even cooked the veggies I got LAST weekend at the market. I started not to even go today — it was rainy and drizzly — but I remembered the Amish guy saying he’d have ripe tomatoes next week. This was, in fact, next week. So the dawg and I took out in the rain for the market.

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Simple, not holiday-ish, but good.

Simple, not holiday-ish, but good.

Well, not really. And while there wasn’t much in the way of prep to it, nor was it traditional Fourth of July fare, it was good.

Even if I finished up the evening’s cooking by dropping a fresh-out-of-the-oven loaf of banana bread upside down on the floor, a practice which does not a damn thing to the benefit of your bread, and will make you cuss.

But I have learned the Best Way Ever to cook new potatoes. And it’s easy, even if it does involve two pans. Line one with foil and roll with it.

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Yummmmmmmm....roasted new potatoes, pork chop, asparagus

Yummmmmmmm….roasted new potatoes, pork chop, asparagus

I don’t have a lot of Irish background; a few ancestors, but most were from the other side of the Irish Sea/North Atlantic, in England and Scotland (and a sizeable number from elsewhere about the continent). But there are still some Irish delicacies of which I’m unconscionably fond, including Jameson’s and Bailey’s.

And potatoes. God help me, I love a potato. I love just about anything you can do with a potato, and my fondness for them is a significant factor in why I’ve fought a weight problem most of my life.

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