The skinny on meat loaf

August 25, 2017

A flat meatloaf. Flat for a reason.

See this? This is a meatloaf.

This is, in fact, a meatloaf made from a pound of ground beef, patted out to fill a 10 by 10 pan, which makes it something less than a half-inch thick. It’s covered with a nice glaze of ketchup that’s been caramelized a bit on high heat in the convection oven.

It’s made that way for two reasons. One is because I love the caramelized sweet tomatoey crust, as well as the slightly crispy crust from the bottom of the pan. Two is because this makes the absolutely ideal meat loaf to then become the starring ingredient in a meat loaf sandwich, which is the primary reason for making meat loaf in the first place.

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Brilliance on bread

March 13, 2017

The ultimate meat loaf sandwich. I promise.

I astound myself sometimes at how freakin’ brilliant I can be in the kitchen.

As oppose, y’understand, to how clueless I can be in the kitchen. To my everlasting credit, I have not been shy about sharing my spectacular failures. But this is one of my spectacular successes.

Regular readers may recall my affinity for a meat loaf sandwich. Properly prepared, with lots of Hellman’s mayo, a layer of melty cheese (American slices will suffice, but Brie is much better), and perfectly thin slices of meat loaf, toasted to a turn, there ain’t much that can beat it.

I’ve beaten it.

And how it was, was, like this.

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