Putting in a crop

April 10, 2017

Seedlings transplanted. Manicure shot to shit.

Things are progressing apace here at Keyboard Farms. Over the last three days, we have planted:

  • 38 tomato plants
  • 4 pepper plants
  • 15 lettuce seedlings
  • 15 radish seedlings
  • 20 carrot seedlings
  • 12 cucumber seedlings
  • 15 pea seedlings
  • 12 cabbage seedlings
  • a dozen or so different herbs

And our back is tired. As are our shoulders and our knees. The slings and arrows of advancing age are not kind to a would-be gardener.

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Splurging on spring

May 5, 2013

Too much? Surely not! It's spring!

Too much? Surely not! It’s spring!

Errr. Ummm.

It may be — just MAY be, mind you — that I overdid it just a tad at the Farmer’s Market yesterday.

My refrigerator is groaning with the burden of holding all the goodies, along with yesterday’s co-op goodies, along with all the stuff I normally have in there.

I live alone. I need to keep reminding myself of that. Or invite lots of friends over for dinner.

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