And so….it begins!

November 27, 2013

Pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving can now begin.

Pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving can now begin.

Cue dramatic music.

Tomorrow, in the event you have been under a rock for the past several weeks, is Thanksgiving. Or, in the cute-speak spawned by the confluence of holidays, Thanksgivukkah (Hanukkah began tonight). So, of course, cooking begins today, because there ain’t no way you can cook a full Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving day, not if you’re eating midday, and not even if you’re eating at night because then you’re too tired to eat.

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An image-less Thanksgiving

November 25, 2012

Well. It was Thanksgiving. I cooked. We all ate a lot. It was good. The end.

OK, OK, not really. Not really the end, I mean. But it’s just a shame to cook a great, traditional Thanksgiving meal, and not have a single stinkin’ photo of it. I’m not sure why I don’t; it was just that every time I started to fetch the camera, I got busy with something else.

As usual, my Thanksgiving was strictly along traditional lines. I cook this dinner once a year. I’ve got it down to a pretty fine science, and it’s all the stuff we like, and I don’t see much need in messing about with the menu.

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Pies = Currency. With meringue, or without.

You know, I’ve been in the economic development “bidness” for about 15 years. And we don’t much care if it’s a cash economy, or what. Cash is easier to measure, but we deal all the time in “soft costs” and “soft benefits.” And as long as the overall equation comes out a plus, we’re happy.

I have for you an example in soft costs/benefits in an economic transaction that benefits both parties.

I was on an industry visit last week with a colleague. It being Small Town USA (which, btw, I do love, because it’s so easy to get things done), she discovered one of the office employees was her cousin. And they commenced visiting about holiday plans. And said cousin told her, “So-and-So (whose name I do not recollect) can’t make your lemon pie.”

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