Not worth my salt today

February 14, 2011

UPDATE: I wrote this post yesterday. For whatever reason, I forgot to download and edit the photos and add them. So I’ll do it tonight, with an addendum at the end.

I dunno. Maybe I’m just haven’t had my mind on cooking today, though I’ve done a fair amount of it. But I have had a mental block, I guess, against salt.

The proper way to eat sorghum molasses -- blended with butter, on the plate, with a knife blade.

This morning, per the plan on the PJF breakfast; I made my cheese biscuits, making extra so I could fry up the whole pound of sausage and make up some sausage-and-biscuits for breakfasts next week. Started to turn the dough out to knead, and thought, “Damn! I didn’t put in baking powder!” So I mixed some baking powder up with some water, stirred it into the dough, kneaded it a bit by hand, and then turned the dough out to knead a couple of times, flatten and cut out.

And put no salt in it.

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