Well, hello…and a new toy

September 21, 2017

Simple and good.

Tossing my hat gently in the door…Anybody still hanging around here?

I’ve been absent. Semi-off-the-grid. Busy as hell. On the road. And dealing with a minor injury, all of which has conspired to mostly keep me out of the kitchen. I think I’ve cooked twice in the past week, and one of those, I felt puny and didn’t eat much (and it was some of my favorite stuff, too). And I have been in the throes of an insomnia cycle, which plays havoc with both my work AND my cooking, but I think I’m about at the end of that.

And I have a new toy. After wanting one for two years, I have pulled the trigger on a Masterbilt electric smoker. It arrived Tuesday, and I’ve not taken time to pull it out of the box, but Lord willing, I plan to smoke me a big ol’ chicken in it this weekend, and maybe  a piece or two of brisket at the same time. I can always freeze the brisket. Am also contemplating smoking some salmon and some tuna. We shall see. I have just ordered 50 bucks worth of assorted flavors of wood chips, so I should be ready to go.

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Sunday on the Bay

August 16, 2009

Photos to come later. Shot lots of ’em; however, I don’t have a card reader and didn’t bring my cable to d/l them to the ‘puter. So there. You can see ’em Wednesday.

Last night in Fairhope was nice; did some shopping, bought some jewelry, ate a good shrimp po’boy (minus the bread) and a cup of tomato bisque, washed it down with some raspberry tea on a patio with a view of the bay. Cannot complain about this. The shrimp in the po’boy (or outside it, in this instance) were fresh, fried perfectly, with a crispy, tempura-like batter; the lettuce was shredded, the tomatos, cucumbers and onions sliced paper-thin, and the remoulade was perfection. Came with potato wedges that seemed to have been from a potato that was baked, cut in wedges, floured and fried; right proportion of spice, right proportion of crisp.

Bought a gorgeous shell pendant wrapped in silver wire, a glass pendant, and a jade pendant, and a silver bale to trade them all off and on to.

Got up early this morning and wandered the resort property. Lovely sunrise pics over the marina; picked out the boat I want (the Bon Temps, a trawler-looking thing with twin outboards that should take me wherever I want to go). Then I went and had breakfast in the main resort restaurant, one of the better breakfast buffets I’ve had in recent years.

The usual table of fruit — melons, pineapple, strawberries, grapes, with a bowl of vanilla yogurt, a nice touch. What elevated that portion above the ordinary was the inclusion of a platter of cured meats — proscuitto, several different salamis and mortadellas and so on. Being a proscuitto whore, I loaded up on that and melon.

The hot table was nothing particularly exotic, but what was there was very, very good. Conecuh sausage, an andouille-style cured sausage. Grilled ham, was the most unexceptional thing there — boned and formed into those disconcerting ovals — but it had a good flavor. Home fries. Cheese grits that did not make the mistake of most buffet cheese grits, which is to overdo the cheese; they could’ve done with a little pepper and garlic, though.  No bacon, which was disappointing; no country sausage, but that was OK. Scrambled eggs I passed up, since I had the urge for an over-easy and the nice lady at the omelet station was glad to oblige me. The runny yolk, and some requested cayenne from the waitress, properly perked up the home fries, which had plenty of fried onion mixed in.

There was also a pancake/waffle station and a whole ‘nother table of pastries, but I passed those up, given I’m on the anti-gluten kick.

I suspect that’ll take care of lunch, as well, and I’m counting on going somewhere wonderful for dinner tonight; I want shrimps, and shrimps I shall have, dammit!

So I think I’m off to the beach for a little while before time for the first program at 1 today. Y’all have a good Sunday, and tell mama ‘n ’em I’ll bring shrimps home.