Talk about putting Christmas out of sight, out of mind...

Talk about putting Christmas out of sight, out of mind…


This is what happens when you open your grill for the first time all year, only to find that you forgot the last time you used it was for an auxiliary icebox to store the boxes of Christmas candy you didn’t ever finish.

Thirty-six chocolate covered cherries and a dozen pieces of chocolate mint bark, down the tubes. I started to throw the boxes away, but the spirit of my mother spoke to me sharply: “Don’t you do that! Wash them and you can use them next year!”

Yes, Mama. You’re right. When perhaps I will have more time than I did this year.

So. You and y’mama ‘n ’em missed your Christmas candy. I’ll try to make it up to you. Meanwhile, check back later today for a report on what DID go on the grill once I got it cleaned off.


Here it is a day before December. I’m not sure where the year went, but that sucker is about 11/12ths gone.

You know what THAT means, don’t you?

About tomorrow, it’ll be Christmas.

I need to get Christmas goodie-making done early this year, being that NS and I are taking off mid-month for a few days in Philly to see his peeps, and then I’m coming back and getting ready to go to Memphis for an early Christmas. And I’m gone this weekend. So that means next weekend has to be goodie-making weekend.

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