Burger, sans bun, with holiday trimmings.

Burger, sans bun, with holiday trimmings.

Because sometimes, you just want burgers.

We did our family Memorial Day cookout on Saturday, to free up the kids for other plans today and tomorrow. I asked what they wanted, and SIL2 said,”Burgers.”

OK. Burgers it is. But since it’s a holiday, we’ve got to get a little fancier than that. We have to at least have trimmings. So we also had potato salad, jail slaw, baked beans and deviled eggs. Because I had a surfeit of eggs and felt like it.

I can, if I do say so myself, cook a fine burger. This was not one of my better efforts. I thought it was a little on the dry side. Probably should have added a little fat to it; my pasture-raised ground beef is pretty lean. But I sure wasn’t going to throw it out.

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The pluperfect burger

November 12, 2011

Hel-LO, sweetheart! Come here, you gorgeous thing!

Sweet Baby Jesus. I have Done It. I have constructed the absolute best damn burger in the universe, thank you very much. And I am so full I am really, really grateful that I didn’t, couldn’t finish it, doubly grateful I didn’t make any sides to go with it.

Is that not a work of art? I thought so.

It’s Petit Jean Farms beef; bacon jam; smoked gouda; kosher dill pickles; and chipotle honey butter. And it’s on a rosemary garlic yeast roll from the Farmers Market.

The chipotle honey butter put the finishing touch on it, and I did it as an afterthought. I thought I was grabbing bread and butter slices, when in fact it was kosher dill ones. Once I noticed, I figured I’d compensate with a little bit of sweet … oh, and a little bit of hot, too.

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