It's not gorgeous. But it was pretty tasty.

It’s not gorgeous. But it was pretty tasty.

…so when my friends over on the eGullet challenge launched the current cook-off, the Meatball Challenge, I knew I had to participate.

eGullet is a food forum, bringing together in an unlikely conglomeration professional chefs, enthusiastic amateurs, those just getting involved in cooking, and travelers who share exotic dining experiences and cuisines. I’ve been reading it, and posting on it, for seven or eight years, and I’ve learned a TON, as well as stretching both my imagination and my collection of cooking appliances.

(It is, after all, due to eGullet that I own a sous vide immersion circulator, a steam-convection oven, and an Instant Pot, not to mention several dozen cookbooks. As well as expanding my horizons, it’s contracted my budget. But I digress.)

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