Starting out 2019

December 30, 2018

How do you cook your blackeyed peas? And what kind of greens do you have to fulfill your New Year’s Day luck requirements?

To take the second item first, I often make slaw, figuring that’s cabbage, and cabbage is a green. But last year, I actually cooked some mustard greens that were edible. Not good enough I wanted any more the rest of the year, but edible.

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The Delta -- my adoptive home. I do love it.

The Delta — my adoptive home. I do love it.

Have y’all MISSED me?

Not that I’ve been gone all that long; just a weekend, and I even had a prepared post I put up for y’all (smartphones ROCK, I’m telling you) while I was gone. But I have had a fine, fine time, enjoyed good food and better music, and am proud to be home.

Spent the weekend with a bunch of friends in Clarksdale, Mississippi, where I ate copious amounts of soul food, some other food, and heard copious amounts of blues, and some other kinds of music. In other words, a weekend filled with two of the things I love most, after my family.

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