The faces of breakfast

April 26, 2018

Oh, hello, there. I used to hang out here some.

I used to cook some, in fact. And perhaps I will again. There just hasn’t been a huge amount of cooking at Chez Keyboard of late, in large part because I’ve been busy and gone and here and there and elsewhere and haven’t had my mind in the kitchen.

I have, however, cooked a couple of breakfasts. Well, I cooked one, and assembled t’other. Both were good, one was healthy, one likely less so. They both hit the spot, on different days.

There was this one:

The big ol’ breakfast

And this one:

Healthy breakfast. Can’t load up on fat every day.

Depending on the day, sometimes I’ll lean toward one, sometimes toward t’other. I got up hungry one morning, by virtue of not having eaten much the day before, and cooked the big ol’ breakfast of hash browns, eggs and bacon, with a slice of whole grain toast. It was pretty damn excellent, and spurred by the fact I’d bought a bag of frozen hash browns (the plain shredded kind, thankyouverymuch, none of your peppers and onions stuff, here). I just shook some out into a hot skillet with oil, salted and peppered them, let them cook a bit, kinda gathered them into a pile, and flipped them over. They didn’t stay real cohesive, but enough so they made a good nest for a couple of over-easy eggs, fried in the same hot oil, so the whites got a little crispy and the yolks stayed runny.

Bacon was the precooked that I nuked to warm, and the toast came off a loaf of King Arthur multi-grain that I’ve addressed before.

It was a fine breakfast, and tided me over until nearly dinnertime.

At the other end of the extreme, there were yogurt and granola and fresh fruit. I’ll gravitate to that a good deal more now that we’re about to get into fresh fruit season (there are Arkansas strawberries, already, and I’ll get some this weekend!). I keep homemade yogurt on hand most all the time, and make my own granola, and the breakfast was brought to¬† you by Aldi, which offered me blackberries for a buck for an 8-ounce clamshell package, which made two breakfasts. I bought two of them.

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Cooking odds and ends

June 2, 2017

mango chutney

Mango chutney. Which I’m going to try out, one of these days.

It was something of a food-centric day. Albeit I don’t have any pictures of any of it yet, so here’s a picture of something I made a while back and never posted about because I haven’t had occasion to use it yet.

That is mango chutney. From the box of mangoes I bought at Sam’s t’other day, when I was craving mangoes. Mangoes don’t last long, and I didn’t want to lose them, so — chutney. When I made it, I was planning on cooking Indian one night soon, and I haven’t done that yet, so I’m saving the chutney until I do. We will report on that, then.

Today, though, I did bestir myself to make granola, as I have been out for weeks; to make pimiento cheese, because I felt like it, and watermelon tomato gazpacho, because I had watermelon and tomatoes that needed using and that just sounded good. And I went shopping, and went by a couple of meat markets I don’t normally frequent, and bought some breakfast sausage and some interesting smoked meats.

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Ahhhhh…a kitchen day

September 29, 2016

Honey oatmeal whole wheat bread. Good stuff.

Honey oatmeal whole wheat bread. Good stuff.

I NEEDED a day in the kitchen. I needed it about as much as I needed a day off from work. I managed to achieve both yesterday, and I feel much better for it.

I got up a little bit later than usual, thanks to Lucy giving me an extra 30 minutes to sleep, and I spent an hour or so perusing newspapers and Facebook before I betook myself to the kitchen. There was a bit of a nip in the air, and I had fall priorities on my mind: Vegetable beef soup, homemade bread, and a new batch of granola, because I was out, and there’s nothing worse than having a new batch of homemade yogurt and no granola to go with it.

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Kitchen job one: Granola. Check.

Kitchen job one: Granola. Check.

Monday seems to have become my by-default kitchen day, but for the fact that yesterday it was a kitchen morning, as I had a work commitment Monday afternoon, so I got up and got at it early, mostly because I had to clean the joint up after the usual disaster that is Sunday dinner.

I don’t know why I make such a mess on Sundays. Dinner is maybe a little bigger than other days, but not that much. I guess it’s because I have never been able to train my children to rinse dishes and put them in the dishwasher after they finish a meal. Oh, well. I guess they could be selling drugs on a street corner. Though I do confess I wonder if they’ll die of malnutrition when I am no longer around to cook for them.

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Once a hippie….

January 9, 2016

Yogurt, granola and grapes. How you gonna get any healthier?

Yogurt, granola and grapes. How you gonna get any healthier?

I have made granola. And I have eaten it with homemade yogurt and honey.

Somewhere, Mama Cass Elliott is smiling down at me.

I really wasn’t a hippie. I was something of a wanna-be hippie, but I was about eight years too late and 1,500 miles too far from a coast to be the real thing. But the sentiment was, and to some extent still is, there. Sometimes, it comes through stronger than others. Today, I feel downright Earth Motherish.

(I also was a devotee of the Foxfire books. But that was because most of the stuff they talked about doing — hunting, curing meat, gardening, canning, preserving, and so forth — was stuff I was familiar with anyway, from growing up in the rural South in the 1950s and 60s. )

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