Salad days

October 21, 2017

NOTE: This was written last weekend. I have munched off and on on said salads all week, but given my schedule has been shot to hell by the serious illness and death of a dear friend, there are no pictures. Let your imaginations work for you.

Salad is just different in the fall.

In the spring, salads are light, fresh. They focus on the newest, greenest, freshest ingredients, and they take only the lightest of dressings. They often incorporate fruit, as well as the early veggies that tell you winter has broken and spring is here.

Fall salads are different. Many of their components are cooked, and served either warm or at room temperature. They focus on a lot of root vegetables. The dressings are heavier, spicier. They often contain grains, and chopped meats. In general, they’re just heartier, in keeping with a cooler temperature and a season when, in past times, you’d be working harder than usual to beat the weather and bring in the last of the harvest.

I love fall and winter salads. I love dishes you can serve at room temperature, and one-dish combos that aren’t soups or braises but that are hearty enough to make a meal.

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