Ecumenical Easter treats

March 31, 2018

Get your ecumenical Easter treats, right here!

I have wanted for years to fold some traditional Passover dishes into our Easter dinner. This year, I’ve made a start at it.

The above plate of cute things are coconut macaroon bird nests with eggs, and haroseth truffles. Easter-y, Passover-ish, and cute, all up in here on one plate.

The coconut macaroons are, well, coconut macaroons. They needed an additional egg and some more almond flour to make them hold together better as nests; a couple of them had a side blow out. Didn’t hurt the taste, though. The eggs are a combo of Whoppers baby robin eggs, the candy-coated malted milk ones, and Starburst jellybeans, all incited by a stop I made by Walgreens and the fact it was last gasp for Easter candy.

The haroseth is another critter altogether. Haroseth is a very traditional fruit mixture served at Passover; it symbolizes the mortar with which the Israeli slaves worked to build the pyramids in Egypt before their liberation. The most traditional version uses apples, nuts and dates, and a sweet red wine. This, whose recipe is courtesy the NYTimes “Cooking” section, purports to be a Sephardic Jewish version, made from dried fruits common to the Middle East. Although, the bag of apricots I KNOW I had seems to have taken feet and walked away, so I used plums instead. I also subbed walnuts for the pistachios I didn’t have.

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