You CAN TOO come home again!

September 4, 2011

And that is, thank you Sweet Baby Jesus, exactly what I’ve finally done after a horrendous August road warrior schedule. I have, in fact, cancelled a planned week-after-next business trip, and I am HERE for the next eight blessed weeks, and damn well happy about it, thank you very much!

And I am cooking. Today we are going to have chipotle garlic grilled flank steak, potato skins, and barley-stuffed zucchini (the recipe was for barley stuffed peppers but I don’t like peppers so I’m stuffing zucchini. Deal with it). But I thought I’d catch you up with a little travel, a little dining, and so on and such forth.

Crappy cell phone photo does not do Cupboard lunch justice. Trust me.

You can also go home again when it comes to food, witness my stops en route home from the wilds of North Georgia (pretty country!) in Memphis at BOTH the Cupboard and Cozy Corner.

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