Putting in a crop

April 10, 2017

Seedlings transplanted. Manicure shot to shit.

Things are progressing apace here at Keyboard Farms. Over the last three days, we have planted:

  • 38 tomato plants
  • 4 pepper plants
  • 15 lettuce seedlings
  • 15 radish seedlings
  • 20 carrot seedlings
  • 12 cucumber seedlings
  • 15 pea seedlings
  • 12 cabbage seedlings
  • a dozen or so different herbs

And our back is tired. As are our shoulders and our knees. The slings and arrows of advancing age are not kind to a would-be gardener.

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Summer refresher

June 7, 2013

As good as it is pretty.

As good as it is pretty. Even if it’s upside down.

I’ve become enamored, this summer, of the cucumber lime agua fresca prepared at one of my new favorite restaurants, Park Island Market/Cafe. As I was about to fix myself something to drink, I thought how good that would taste.

“Self?” I said. “You’ve got cucumbers. You’ve got lime. How hard can it be?”

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Oh. Yeah. It rained all week. Lots. With thunder and lightning and wind and stuff.

I slept, mostly. Because it was that kind of weather. And watched college baseball and softball. And cooked, a little.

Memorial Day Concert. Perfect weather, good time.

Memorial Day Concert. Perfect weather, good time.

The Memorial Day concert was absolutely lovely. Small town America at its best, perfect weather, nice breeze, great dinner afterward if I DID cook it myownself. I only slightly charred one of the chicken quarters, not enough to harm it. With the potato salad and slaw and beans and strawberries for dessert, it was quite an excellent holiday meal.

Enjoying what will probably be the last of the strawberries this week; we might get one more week out of them, since it hasn’t been too hot. If I can grab one more weekend’s worth, I’ll get some extras and puree and freeze them. ¬†Good stuff later, in smoothies.

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