Recycled leftovers. But you have to read to the end to get to it.

Recycled leftovers. But you have to read to the end to get to it.

In the category of all manner of odds and ends:

  • The garden plots have progressed. Today I finally found some manure-based compost, and added three bags of each to the new plots in the back yard. The flower bed, I decided, could go as it is. Used the hoe and worked the compost in a bit. Then ran out of time because I had a doctor’s appointment, so will hopefully get the tomatoes planted and all the seeds except the pole beans in. May go ahead and plant the pole beans for good measure.
  • Unsuccessful in finding tarragon, so I planted lavender in the remaining herb pot. I didn’t use tarragon all that much anyway, and I have some dried. And lavender smells pretty. So the herb garden is done.

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Steaks. Pretty things, they are.

Steaks. Pretty things, they are.

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus.

I have been cooking all freaking day. I mean, seriously. All. Day.

I have made:

  • Three quiches. It was supposed to be two, but I had too much stuff to go in one of the crusts, so I grabbed another crust out of the refrigerator (thank you, Pillsbury) and stuck it in a pie plate. Boom.
  • Two and a half dozen muffins. A dozen and a half bran muffins, with dates and pecans, and a dozen almond poppy seed muffins, a variation on the Peabody Vanilla Muffin recipe.
  • Steaks, hasselback potatoes, and Mushrooms Berkeley.
  • And a batch of country style pork ribs with onions, braising away in the Instant Pot in hard cider as we speak, flavored with caraway, juniper berries and allspice. Tomorrow morning, I’ll shred up the meat, stir in some spicy mustard and brown sugar, and let it go another two or three hours before we serve it up over egg noodles with sauerkraut on the side.

Y’all think I’ve been busy, much?

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Yes, Lord. Nothing wrong with that dinner.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em may recall that, back before The Move, I was dipping my toe into the world of sous vide. I did a couple of dinners that way this week, mostly because it’s relatively easy to set the stage (season and vacuum seal the meat, get out the cooler and circulator) the night before, and then fill the thing with hot water, add the packet from the fridge, plunk in the circulator and let ‘er rip before you leave for work in the morning. Come home, finish things off, and Boom, dinner.

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Recipes (and photos) redux

November 29, 2010

If any of you followed my week of foodblogging over on the eGullet site, you will have seen all these pics, but I figured I’d at least repost a few of the week’s photos here, and add some recipes of some of the better dishes. Besides, it’s a cheap post for tonight, as I didn’t cook (still noshing on leftovers, and I had an evening meeting, to boot).

Paying homage to my German heritage, plus I was jonesing for some red cabbage.

Here we have Sunday night’s dinner — country style ribs braised in apple juice with cranberries and caraway; German potato salad; red cabbage.

I love this kind of food when it gets cold. I don’t see how the Germans can eat it when it’s hot, but maybe it doesn’t get as hot there as it does here. In any event, this is some seriously good cold-weather food, and I’m rather proud that the recipe for the pork just kind of evolved in my tiny little brain and was just damn fine.

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Sunday. Lake. Ribs.

June 28, 2009

Well, so far this morning I’ve made banana bread (which is so moist it cooked up more like banana custard, but that’s OK), and biscuits to house the leftover ham as well as four patties of country sausage; what we didn’t snarf down for breakfast is now nicely wrapped and in the freezer for breakfasts later this week. Need to do some baked beans and coleslaw, and get the potatos ready to roast. I also have cantaloupe, almost too far gone, cut up and in the fridge. I have strawberries that need to be capped and put in sugar. I have watermelon we can slice. I’ve got tomatos. DTHN is going to cook ribs. I’m about to make myself a big insulated mug of fruit tea, and head down to the lake. ┬áCheck back in later. Read the rest of this entry »