It has been a weekend full of cookery.

And basketball. And my Razorbacks, God bless ’em, made a valiant effort against North Carolina, but a couple of bad calls late turned it. Now, as long as Kentucky loses, I don’t care who wins.

Calls for a glass of wine.

I’ll save last night’s dinner, which was a fine, fine thing, for a separate post, but I’ll give you a couple of examples of the best of St. Patrick’s Day and the day after.

There was this:

Classic corned beef dinner. Except it was bottom round roast, and not brisket.

And then there was this:

Even better: corned beef hash the next morning.

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, help me now. These were GOOD. REAL Good.

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Steak! (and potatos)

March 19, 2011

A gorgeous spring Saturday here in the Spa City; an afternoon at the races, a few winning tickets, and a good dinner and decent bottle of wine. Life gets a little better, but not a whole awful lot.

A veritable pile of flank steak, cooked just a tad more toward the rare side than I would have preferred, but still awfully damn good.

NS loves flank steak more than most anything in the world, except for maybe pizza and hamburgers. And he’s had a lot of pizza and burgers since he’s had a flank steak. I intended for this one to go on the grill, but the races ran long, and I seared it off on the stovetop, instead. I believe we’ll be grilling tomorrow, as it is supposed to be yet another beautiful day.

I put the steak in a marinade of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, with some meat tenderizer, before we left for the track, and stuck it in the fridge. Stopped by and picked up salad makings on the way home, and let the steak come up to room temp while I made the potato gratin.

Potatos, cheese and cream. What's not to love?

This thing was astoundingly good. Foolishly good. So good I nearly swooned from the pleasure of it. I peeled about five medium sized russet potatos, sliced them thin, and par-boiled them. A bit too long, in fact, because some of them came apart. I layered them in a nine-inch, deep-dish pie plate with a healthy helping of cheese in between the layers — about three-quarters of a cup of a combo of cheddar, monterey jack and asiago — sprinkled with white pepper, then topped with another half-cup or better of cheese. Poured about 3/4 of a cup of heavy cream — I didn’t measure, it may have been less; just enough to come around the top layer of potatos — on top, and topped it off with panko. Baked it 45 minutes at 375, and it was absolutely marvelous. I may eat what’s left for breakfast.

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