Summer bounty. Lord, I love it.

June and July are my favorite months of the year. Because they’re when local fruits and veggies are at their peak.

After July, when we get into the dog days of August, gardens around here tend to burn up, unless they’re in a spot where they have plenty of moisture and partial shade. Stuff just quits. Except for okra and cucumbers and zucchini. That’s when you get monster zucchini and the Attack of the Cucumbers. I don’t think you can get too hot and dry for zucchini and cucumbers. They suck the water from the aquifers, or something, I dunno.

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Cold day odds and ends

April 15, 2018

A hearty brunch for a chilly, lazy day.

It is frigid outside, and I ought to be in the kitchen, which is something I haven’t done a lot of this week.

However, I am also lazy, and comfy on the couch, so I am not in the kitchen. Although I’m about to get in there in a bit, to make an old standard for dinner, with which I’ll entertain you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em later on.

There has not been much cooking at Chez Keyboard this week. I made a pot roast when friend Kate was visiting. It was a good pot roast. You’ve seen pot roast, I’ve described pot roast. It was another one. Only difference was the addition of some sauteed mushrooms I had hanging about in the fridge, which did not hurt it one little bit.

There have been a couple of hastily assembled breakfasts and lunches, and one good brunch, which was earlier today, because I was a heathen and did not go to church (see above re: lazy).

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More leftover salad

June 13, 2016

Yum. Fine lunch, even if it was mostly leftovers.

Yum. Fine lunch, even if it was mostly leftovers.

NOTE: Here’s a post I mostly wrote before I got all crippled up, so y’all won’t miss me TOO much. In other news, I successfully cut up a canteloupe this morning. Carry on.

I put the rest of that leftover roasted corn to good use today, and will have another lunch or two off of it before it’s gone.

Together with the rest of the sliced tomato I had on a BLT yesterday, and the remains of a fresh pineapple that MIGHT have one more day left in it, it was a fine leftovers lunch.

Not to mention another fine use for roasted corn. This is a minimalist version of a salad I’ve made before, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it. I was going to make up another batch of the corn/avocado/bacon salad, but the remaining avocado had reposed too long on the countertop. So I stuck the corn in the microwave to nuke for a minute and take the chill off, and contemplated the pantry.

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Just grillin’

May 25, 2012

It is indicative of the kind of week it’s been that I found this post in my drafts folder, where it had been waiting since Sunday evening for me to upload photos. So, without further ado, but with photos, here ’tis.

Smoked pork butt, roasted new potatos and carrots, baked beans, tomatos. Yum.

I am pleased to report the grill has survived the move. It works.

I have, unfortunately, lost the wire brush with which it gets cleaned, which will necessitate a run to Lowe’s to replace. And I burned a couple of bucks worth of squash via forgetting about them over too-high heat on the grill. But dinner was most excellent, nevertheless.

Child C and I have also run, by my count, nine loads of laundry today. A load of mine, two loads of NS’s, two loads of towels, four loads of hers. And I have another load of towels left, including towels I do not recognize. If you and y’mama ‘n ’em have lost any towels, come on over and look.

A breakfast to warm your heart and fuel you for the day.

Because it was going to be a busy day, I commenced with a good breakfast, with Child C, who had showed up on my doorstep about 10 a.m. with laundry. And, I hasten to add, I am happy to provide laundry amenities in order to get to spend a lazy Sunday with my baby girl.


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Salad days

April 22, 2012

Combine Mennonite tomatos, buffalo mozzarella and the annual Lobster Boil, and you wind up with a couple of good salads for weekend brunches.

The caprese. Simplicity itself. And mighty tasty.

It’s hard to beat the standard caprese, particularly when you have good buffalo mozz and greenhouse-grown tomatos. My basil plant isn’t established enough that I felt comfortable snipping leaves, so I sufficed with basil oil and the freeze-dried stuff.

I’m astounded at how much better buffalo mozzarella is than the supermarket stuff. It still does not touch the fresh stuff I had at the store in the Italian Market in Philly, but it was pretty wonderful. I had stopped by the Culinary District to look for a top to my blender — new damn blender, and I somehow lost the little glass insert that goes in the plastic lid when I moved. They didn’t have one, but they had buffalo mozz, which they have not had since the end of tomato season last year, and I snarfed it up.

It was delectable. The simplicity lets the tomatoey taste shine through.


Caprese + lobster. What's not to love?

It was good enough, in fact, that I repeated it today, with the addition of some lobster meat I’d extracted from the two I brought home from the Blues Society lobsterfest yesterday. (As an aside, that’s a helluva lot of work for not much meat, but damn, it’s good; the remainder is chilling in the fridge in anticipation of going in a mornay sauce later this week.) I thought about hollandaise, or garlic aioli, but wound up with sriracha mayo and sweet chili sauce; it was most excellent.

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Pasta. Peas. Tomatos. Cheese. Poetry. I'm just sayin'.

The above photograph represents both a damn fine dinner and a triumph over technology, the latter of which is why I’m posting it at 6:30 in the freakin’ morning instead of last night when it was fresh on my mind.

My almost-new laptop told me it did not have enough quota to save the photos from my camera, but several hours of effing with it, along with a restless night’s sleep and renewed determination, fixed that. I got yo’ quota, right here, uh-huh.

But this pasta…these capreses….this is worth blogging at 6:30 in the freakin’ morning.

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A celebration of spring

March 26, 2010

Suitable for eye-rolling gastronomic ecstasy, this is.

Have mercy.

I believe I may die. But if it’s tonight, I’ll go happy.

Have a friend visiting and sous-cheffing for me this weekend, so I’m taking advantage to cook some good stuff for a change. Tonight, it was a New York Strip, risotto primavera (ok, the peas were frozen and the carrots probably came from Mexico; deal with it), and caprese salads with the very first locally grown (in a greenhouse) vine-ripened tomato of the season.

And I repeat — have mercy!

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