There’s chicken underneath all that. I promise.

I have made a quite fine fruit salad. That has chicken in it.

I’d been contemplating chicken salad for a couple of weeks, during much of which time I did not have the leisure time in the kitchen to do much more than make coffee in the morning and grab a sandwich or something for lunch or dinner. The craving was kicked off by a quite excellent chicken salad I had in a restaurant/catering joint a month or so back.

I am picky about chicken salad. I don’t want celery in it, because I don’t like celery. I don’t want bell peppers in it, because I don’t like bell peppers. I don’t want onion in it, because in most cases, I don’t care for raw onion. I want fruit in it. I’m good with nuts in it. And I want the dressing to have a slight sweet-sour taste to it.

Yesterday, I hit the jackpot.

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