Feeding the beast

June 8, 2018

The Beast has breakfast.

People. Have you ever taken steroids?

I guess I have, but I don’t remember them ever having had the impact they’ve had on me this week. Amongst the host of drugs I’ve been taking for varied and assorted ailments this week, the doctor put me on a four-day course of high-dose Prednisone.

I could tell no discernable impact. Until the day after I stopped taking them. No “bitch mode” I’d been warned about, no gargantuan appetite, no failure to sleep.

Then, about Tuesday, the day after I wound them up, the bottom fell out. I, who had not had an appetite worth a flip for three months, since a bout with the stomach flu, suddenly wanted to eat everything in the house, the house itself, and whatever I could find next door. And the dogs were looking nervous.

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Cold day odds and ends

April 15, 2018

A hearty brunch for a chilly, lazy day.

It is frigid outside, and I ought to be in the kitchen, which is something I haven’t done a lot of this week.

However, I am also lazy, and comfy on the couch, so I am not in the kitchen. Although I’m about to get in there in a bit, to make an old standard for dinner, with which I’ll entertain you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em later on.

There has not been much cooking at Chez Keyboard this week. I made a pot roast when friend Kate was visiting. It was a good pot roast. You’ve seen pot roast, I’ve described pot roast. It was another one. Only difference was the addition of some sauteed mushrooms I had hanging about in the fridge, which did not hurt it one little bit.

There have been a couple of hastily assembled breakfasts and lunches, and one good brunch, which was earlier today, because I was a heathen and did not go to church (see above re: lazy).

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eggbites, plate

Ready to be bagged up for breakfast.

Well, some of it, anyway.

I have bulghur oatmeal bread on its first rise, egg bites in the Instant Pot (and leftovers in the CSO), granola in the oven, and trout filets brining in the fridge. The sirloin tip will move to the freezer to wait his turn, and the bottom round will go in the cure to be corned, since it has to sit for two weeks, anyway.

The trout likely will not get smoked until tomorrow. It may be the bottom round won’t go in the brine until tomorrow. We shall see. Given how I felt yesterday, I’m fairly well amazed I got as much done as I did.

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Muffins and biscuits. More muffins in the oven at that point.

With apologies to Jane and Michael Stern, of “Road Food” fame, and damn, do I miss hearing them every Saturday morning on WKNO in Memphis now that I’m an Arkansas public radio listener, and hey, KUAR/KASU peeps, can y’all do something about putting Splendid Table on the air here so a sista can hear it?

I am headed out on a road trip tomorrow, going to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR, where I used to live, and spending a few days in that part of the world with a girlfriend and her niece and adopted niece. (I understand all about those “adopted” kinfolk, having several.) I need a break, albeit I have had a fair amount of road time lately, but this comes at a good time, as I have hit a semi-slack period at work, though it promises to pick up by the latter part of August.

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bkfst pizza 0715

What was left of the breakfast pizza after four women and two kids filled up.

Got a throng in the house for breakfast? Fed people breakfast strata until you’re sick of breakfast strata? Tired of cycling batter through the waffle iron?

I give you the breakfast pizza.

This thing is just about guaranteed to please picky eaters, as long as they like sausage, eggs and cheese. (Who doesn’t? Few people I know.)

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2017 odds and ends

January 7, 2017

Bacon. Sous vide bacon. Because, bacon.

Bacon. Sous vide bacon. Because, bacon.

Still attempting to get back into the swing of cooking in this new year. One thing I HAVE managed to do is cook two or three good breakfasts, even though I haven’t done much in the way of dinner. Well, I did cook dinner last night, albeit it took twice as long as I thought it would and I don’t have any pictures.

But I have pictures of breakfast, yes, I do. Above would be a basic breakfast I cooked one day this past week, when I knew I’d be busy as the dickens all week and this might be the major meal of the day. And it contains one of the cooking revelations I’ve discovered recently, namely, sous vide bacon.

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December 27, 2016

M'mmm. Recycled breakfast. Sheer brilliance, if I did come up with it myownself.

M’mmm. Recycled breakfast. Sheer brilliance, if I did come up with it myownself.

Because, well, sometimes, you bring home carryout you just don’t want right then. And when you can recycle last night’s dinner into this morning’s breakfast, that’s a win any way you look at it.

Yesterday, after Child A and I made a pilgrimage to the nail salon for post-Christmas manicures and pedicures, she decided we were hungry. Now, I did not really think I was hungry, but by the time I got the 1,000 feet from the nail salon to the Steak Escape drive-through, I was hungry. And a cheesesteak sounds marginally healthier (not that I’m sure why) than do most fast food offerings. So I ordered a small steak, no peppers, on wheat bread.

And then I saw they had loaded baked potatoes, with bacon and cheese. OK, I needs me one of those. Got that, too.

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