Post-game fireworks at the ballpark. Can’t beat ’em.

It started with this.

Solar Eclipse, at 99.something percent totality. Very cool.

It ended with this.

Bringing civilization west of the Mississippi, two sixpacks at a time.

And for good measure, I brought this home with me.

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The bounty of summer, all jarred up for winter.

Also, fighting the continuing gnat war.

Confession: I am REAL good at letting my ambition get away with me when it comes to buying produce.

Confession No. 2: I am not as good about using it all as I ought to be, and it sometimes gets away from me and I wind up have to throw something out, which makes me sad.

Confession No. 3: I have a distressing habit of leaving it on the counter, where it sometimes gets away from me and I wind up having to throw it out….but before I do, I develop a gnat problem.

Confession No. 4: The problem above is because my refrigerator is so damn full I don’t have room to put everything that ought to go in there. Yes, I’m a food hoarder. I need to go through and do a wholesale cleanout.

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Got the blues for a pig?

August 12, 2017

The one in the middle is to show the broiled-too-long side. Not burnt — but REAL close.

I have tested out a pet theory, and found it to be accurate.

Ever since I tried my first Blue Q blueberry barbecue sauce on some chicken, I’ve thought it would do well on pork. I put that theory to the test earlier this week, after I fetched out of the freezer some primo-looking pork steaks I had procured from my local farmer from whom I get my beef, pork and chicken. They were beautiful things, well-marbled but not too much fat. I stashed them in the freezer for the next time the kids were down for Sunday dinner.

That time came, or was supposed to have come, last Friday night. I laid in all the things they like that morning at the Farmers’ Market. And had cooked/prepped most of it when I got a message that the stomach bug had struck down my son-in-law.

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Waste not, want not

August 10, 2017

Tomato sauce, made from skins and cores most people would have thrown away.

And other things your mama told you. Like the starving children in China, and “Your face will freeze like that.”

Anyway. I am experimenting on just how much one can get out of two 30-pound boxes of tomatoes. To update the previous post, the final tally was:

  • 11 quarts of tomatoes
  • 17 pints of tomatoes
  • 5 quarts and two pints of tomato juice
  • and 16 half-pints of tomato sauce made from the skins and cores
  • Plus the 4 half-pints of roasted tomato-garlic sauce that was from the gallon or so of cherry tomatoes I had, and did all at the same time.

Well, I’m almost finished. I’m trying one more experiment. More on that later.

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August 9, 2017

Final tally: 11 quarts, 17 pints. Five quarts, two pint of juice. Four pints roasted tomato garlic sauce. Plain sauce coming today.

Note: This was written last night, as I was processing the last of the tomatoes through the water bath. I finished up about 10:30 p.m., but for the sauce I’ll make today from skins and cores. And I didn’t download the pix until today.

I commenced canning tomatoes somewhere around 11 a.m. today. It is 10:22 p.m., and I’m not done.

But I’m close.

So far, in the “done” column, I have 17 pints and 8 quarts of tomatoes, cooling on a bath towel on my counter. In the water bath I have seven more quart of tomatoes, because I ran out of pint jars. Still to process, I have six quarts and two pints of tomato juice, and four pints of roasted cherry tomato garlic sauce.

We will have no scurvy up in here this winter, I am here to tell you. And we will have all the spaghetti sauce and stewed tomatoes and vegetable beef soup and chili we want, because, you know what? We’ve damn-sho got home-canned tomatoes with which to make them all.

I feel pretty satisfied. Tired as all hell, but satisfied. I’d feel more satisfied if I could get this damn canner to boil more quickly and I could process this batch and the one waiting behind it. One of these days, I will have a REAL stove. One on which I can set TWO water bath canners, if I am so inclined. One which will put out some real heat.

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Muffins and biscuits. More muffins in the oven at that point.

With apologies to Jane and Michael Stern, of “Road Food” fame, and damn, do I miss hearing them every Saturday morning on WKNO in Memphis now that I’m an Arkansas public radio listener, and hey, KUAR/KASU peeps, can y’all do something about putting Splendid Table on the air here so a sista can hear it?

I am headed out on a road trip tomorrow, going to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR, where I used to live, and spending a few days in that part of the world with a girlfriend and her niece and adopted niece. (I understand all about those “adopted” kinfolk, having several.) I need a break, albeit I have had a fair amount of road time lately, but this comes at a good time, as I have hit a semi-slack period at work, though it promises to pick up by the latter part of August.

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French toast, with sourdough bread from the Farmers’ Market.

It’s sure quiet in my house this morning.

For the first time in more than a week, I have no children here. Well, I do, but they’re of the grown variety, and thus are sleeping soundly. All the campers from Camp KayKay have gone home, or in any event to other grandparents’ homes. There are no toys in my living room floor.

It’s kinda lonesome.

But I have a lot to do today — two work projects which didn’t get done last week, because I was chasing tiny tornadoes hither and yon, plus figs that need to be washed, jam made from them, and canned, purple hulled peas (a half-bushel of them) that need to be shelled and stashed in the freezer. The half-bushel of peaches can wait until a little later in the week, which is also filled with lots of things I ┬áneed to do, which I hope will involve significant cooking.

Because there sure wasn’t any last week.

The above photo is one of the three times my stove was turned on last week. The other two were to boil eggs for AGC3, and to make a grilled cheese sandwich for AGC1. I did make potato skins one night after everyone had gone to bed and it occured to me I’d forgotten to eat. And while there was plenty of fast/junk food, there were also two good meals out, both Mexican in nature, at Colorado Grill in Hot Springs and at the old faithful Ark-Mex standard, Pancho’s, in West Memphis.

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