The bounty of summer, all jarred up for winter.

Also, fighting the continuing gnat war.

Confession: I am REAL good at letting my ambition get away with me when it comes to buying produce.

Confession No. 2: I am not as good about using it all as I ought to be, and it sometimes gets away from me and I wind up have to throw something out, which makes me sad.

Confession No. 3: I have a distressing habit of leaving it on the counter, where it sometimes gets away from me and I wind up having to throw it out….but before I do, I develop a gnat problem.

Confession No. 4: The problem above is because my refrigerator is so damn full I don’t have room to put everything that ought to go in there. Yes, I’m a food hoarder. I need to go through and do a wholesale cleanout.

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Got the blues for a pig?

August 12, 2017

The one in the middle is to show the broiled-too-long side. Not burnt — but REAL close.

I have tested out a pet theory, and found it to be accurate.

Ever since I tried my first Blue Q blueberry barbecue sauce on some chicken, I’ve thought it would do well on pork. I put that theory to the test earlier this week, after I fetched out of the freezer some primo-looking pork steaks I had procured from my local farmer from whom I get my beef, pork and chicken. They were beautiful things, well-marbled but not too much fat. I stashed them in the freezer for the next time the kids were down for Sunday dinner.

That time came, or was supposed to have come, last Friday night. I laid in all the things they like that morning at the Farmers’ Market. And had cooked/prepped most of it when I got a message that the stomach bug had struck down my son-in-law.

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What to do first?

July 19, 2017

Oh, the quandary. A quiet morning, nothing on tap until noon or so, and I have more stuff to do than I can get done. What shall I tackle first?

  • There are purple hulled peas in the refrigerator to shell and freeze.
  • There are still cucumbers on the carport, and likely more cucumbers on the vines, that need to be given away, thrown away, canned, or done SOMETHING with. Will no one rid me of these troublesome cucumbers?
  • I am out of granola. I crumbled granola bars in my yogurt this morning. T’ain’t the same.
  • I have about 10-12 pounds of figs in the refrigerator to make jam and preserved figs.
  • There are a half-bushel of ¬†Georgia peaches being delivered tomorrow.

I don’t think I have the time to work up the figs today, not with a work appointment in the middle of it. Maybe I can get the cucumbers in to ferment, and the granola made, and shell the peas tonight while I’m watching baseball. Hopefully the figs will hold a day or two.

But right now, before anyone else wakes up, I think I’ll take a nap. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em enjoy your morning.



bkfst pizza 0715

What was left of the breakfast pizza after four women and two kids filled up.

Got a throng in the house for breakfast? Fed people breakfast strata until you’re sick of breakfast strata? Tired of cycling batter through the waffle iron?

I give you the breakfast pizza.

This thing is just about guaranteed to please picky eaters, as long as they like sausage, eggs and cheese. (Who doesn’t? Few people I know.)

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Sunday salad lunch

June 12, 2017

Clockwise from upper left, peaches and cottage cheese, broccoli cauliflower, cucumber, jail slaw.

I came home from church yesterday absolutely ravenous, with no plans as to what to eat, or cook, for either lunch or dinner. Contemplated stopping by somewhere to pick up something, and decided that was ridiculous, given I had two refrigerators, a pantry and a countertop overflowing with food either already prepared or waiting to be prepared.

So I came home and fixed myself a salad luncheon, which had the added plus of emptying the refrigerator of some odds and ends of different dishes.

Clockwise from top left, we have peaches over cottage cheese (finished off the peaches); broccoli and cauliflower salad I’d been jonesing for for a week, and finally made Sunday morning before church; the last of the other day’s cucumber salad, and a serving of jail slaw to round things out. It made a fine lunch.

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Simple summer dinners

June 10, 2017

brats n taters 0607

Brats, sweet potatoes, a pair of salads. Minimal work, maximum taste.

Though it’s not sufferin’ hot yet, the proliferation of fresh veggies and other good stuff to eat lends itself to a routine of simple summer dinners these days, when I can be troubled to cook at all.

(As I could not earlier this week, having spent the day in a meeting in Little Rock and gotten home around 6:45 p.m. We DID have a glass of wine and some excellent cheese and charcuterie before we left town, as well as a good caprese salad over spinach with shredded chicken for lunch, so I was in no danger of starvation, if you were wondering.)

The next day, I was woefully lazy, having bestirred myself only enough to knock the top layer of grime off the kitchen and run, but not yet put away, a load of dishes. And I decided to cook dinner.

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Yay! It’s spring!

March 20, 2017

Don’t laugh. It stands up on its own.

And my computer is in the shop. You can get a lot done when you are not working for a living, which I could not because I have not been diligent in backing my stuff up to the cloud, else I could use, after a fashion, this little tablet convertible critter that’s my travel machine.

It would be cool but for this truncated keyboard, which makes typing painfully slow.

But today, while I could not work, I played in the dirt. I built a compost bin out of pallets. I pulled up last year’s tomato vines and the cages. Threw the tomato vines in the compost bin. Dumped in my existing barrel of compost that’s been working all winter.

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