Another thing to do with leftover roast beef

January 25, 2019

Bad photo. My apologies. It tasted much better.

I did this pot roast t’other day. And of course, I had leftovers. I did not want soup, my go-to for leftover pot roast, because I didn’t eat all the soup I made with the last batch. What to do, what to do?

Well, you do what you always do when you start out to do something savory and you’re not certain exactly what. You slice and saute an onion. You throw into that a carton of sliced mushrooms. You pull out the roast container, separate the meat and jus from the potatoes, carrots and onions, and you chop/shred it all up, and you dump it on top of the onions and mushrooms.

From here you can go in a number of ways. You can add some water or beef stock, make some gravy, and make hot roast beef sandwiches (over mashed potatoes and sliced white bread). Or you can add some milk and some sour cream and make beef stroganoff. Or you can just drain it, put it on some halved baguettes, thin down the jus a little and make French dip sandwiches

A leftover pot roast is a useful thing.

You could also take a cup and half or two cups of it, stir in some peas and carrots, turn it out into a pie crust and put another one on top, and have a beef pot pie. Or put that mixture in a casserole dish, top it with mashed potatoes, and have a shepherd’s pie. If you could drain it enough, you could encase it in pastry and make a hand pie out of it.

This would make a good base for any number of soups, say beef and barley or any other kind of good whole grain. You could stir it up with some cooked egg noodles and bake it as a kugel.

Or you can eat it as it is over mashed potatoes, which is what I did.

Isn’t it about time for you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em to cook a pot roast?

One Response to “Another thing to do with leftover roast beef”

  1. Kath the Cook Says:

    Hi – Your lead post is the Dec 11 or so “Butter Season” post. So I would come visit and think you haven’t posted since then – then I discovered all the others under that old one. You may want to fix – others may think the same thing. Happy cooking – Kath the Cook

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