Thankful for red beans and rice, and Thanksgiving prep!

November 20, 2018

Tonight’s dessert — apple cranberry walnut crisp.

Smells all Cajun up in here.

Child B and her fam are coming tonight for a small pre-Thanksgiving family get-together, and since I didn’t figure she wanted turkey and dressing two days in one week, I asked her if she wanted red  beans and rice.

“YES!” was her reply.

You know how you have that one dish that you can call a kid, tell them the name of the dish, a date and a time, and they’re there? That’s hers. For Child A, it’s zucchini fritters. Child C is pretty flexible. SIL 1 goes for mac and cheese, while for SIL 2, it’s either country fried steak or pot roast.

So I have taken a break from Thanksgiving-ing to put on a big pot of red beans and rice, which are simmering away and making the house smell wonderful. Going to get up in a minute and make some  broccoli and cauliflower salad, so there will be a green thing. We also have grape salad, and I went ahead and made the cranberry salad last night so she could have some. I will make up some corn muffins later on, and put those on to bake when she gets here.

Grape salad. Please pardon awful pic.

Yesterday, I made the aforementioned cranberry and grape salads, cooked the sweet potatoes, boiled and peeled the eggs,  and made the potato layer of the sweet potato casserole. Tomorrow, I’ll break down the turkey and put him on to sous vide, get the sweet potatoes ready to bake, pick up the dressing, make curry dip to go with the leftover turkey sandwiches, and make some rolls that I’ll par-bake and finish off just before dinner Thursday. Thursday I’ll roast the turkey breast, smoke the legs, make the gravy, devil the eggs, roast the brussels sprouts, and put the rolls on their final bake. 

Somewhere in there, I guess I’ll make a dessert, though I’m not sure why, because we never eat it. I’d contemplated a pumpkin cheesecake. I may make a plain old pumpkin pie, though I don’t care much for them. Yesterday, I made a cranberry-apple-walnut fruit crisp with a gluten free oat topping for tonight’s dessert; I may recycle that. I might even make a pecan pie.

I also have a recipe for Pickapeppa pecans I’m dying to try. It’s pretty easy; might throw them together this afternoon.

In any event, there’s plenty going on in the Chez Brockwell kitchen. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em drop on by.


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