Oh, good Lord. It’s been two weeks, again

November 12, 2018

But this is a pot roast worth waiting for.

Sorry, y’all. I haven’t been cooking a whole lot, and while I’ve been writing, it’s been the kind I get paid for, not the kind I do because it’s fun.

Yesterday morning, I was playing hooky from church, just because it got to be 10:15 before I noticed, and at that point, it was too late. Never mind the fact I got up at 7, and by 8 had my Sunday roast in the oven, and then made a dozen banana nut muffins which did the double duty of getting rid of the about-to-go-south bananas and providing the Sunday morning muffins for Sunday school.

To which I did not go. So I ate two of said muffins, with the added bonus of copious quantities of butter, which I normally don’t get on the Sunday muffins unless I bring some home and toast them Monday. And the roast just braised away, never mind only Child A and I were there to eat it, because it was in the 40s today and by George, I wanted a pot roast.

Coulda made gravy. Didn’t bother.

A word about this roast. I went out to the freezer Saturday night to unearth a chuck roast. I know I have several squirreled away. But I could not find the last year’s roasts, which I THOUGHT I had put toward the top of the freezer, and the new ones are squirreled away completely in the bottom and had frozen to the metal. In other words, it was going to take more work to excavate a chuck roast than I wanted to undertake.

However, there was a Boston butt perched on top of the beef, and it wasn’t attached to anything else.

“Self?” I queried. “You see any reason we couldn’t make a pot roast with pork roast instead of beef?” Self said she couldn’t see any good reason why not, so I brought the butt, about a three-pounder, in to thaw overnight.

Sunday morning, I sprinkled it down well with garlic salt and black pepper and seared it. Put about a cup of white wine I needed to get rid of in the bottom of the roasting pan, quartered an onion and separated it, and scattered the chunks in the bottom of the pan. Perched the meat atop them. Peeled some potatoes and some carrots, and scattered those about the edges, sprinkled them with seasoned salt. Plunked in the oven at 300 for a long roast while I was at church (or sitting here reading and writing, as it turns out.

Folks, this was near-about some Sweet Baby Jesus roast. I mean, it was some GOOD pot roast. Obviously a different taste from beef, but it was good. Real good. Pork roast is naturally more moist than beef, particularly a shoulder roast, due to the extra marbling and a heavy fat cap. Child A and I did major damage to it, and I am thinking at least part of the remainder will make some fine, fine hash. I might contemplate some soup — the leftover pork should go nicely in posole, and I just got in some primo hominy from Rancho Gordo. I have never cooked hominy from its dried state before, so this will be an adventure.

Anyway, next time you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em have a Boston butt you don’t know what to do with, try a pot roast. Variety is, after all, a Good Thing.


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