Harvest thoughts

October 21, 2018

It’s a bit more than six weeks away, but  little nip in the air turns my thoughts to Thanksgiving.

Well, that, and the fact the Thanksgiving issue of Bon Appetit arrived yesterday. I may not always read Bon Appetit the day it gets here, but the Thanksgiving issue, I did. And I commenced to think.

Self and I do that, y’know. And we come up with some fine ideas from time to time.

The problem is with Thanksgiving dinner, there’s no place to put ’em.

We’re traditionalists at Thanksgiving. There are things one MUST have: Turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry salad. The sons-in-law are disappointed if there is not homemade mac and cheese. Child B wants “something green, please.” 

I have done sauteed and/or roasted Brussels sprouts. Those are popular. I’ve done a tossed salad. That’s….meh. I could do some variety of greens, and Child A would be happy. I could do most anything and Child C would be happy, because she’s sticking to the mac and cheese and sweet potatoes and dressing, anyway.

BA had a recipe for a shredded carrot salad that looked potential. I do like me some shredded carrot salads. I may hang with the Brussels sprouts; two of three grandkids, and at least half the adults, will eat them. I am contemplating a wild rice salad; I may give that one a trial run here in the next few days to see if it tastes as good as it sounds like it would.

There will be rolls. Specfically, there will be Miss Mary Lloyd’s rolls (search it and see previous posts). These are, purely and simply, the best and easiest dinner rolls you can make, and they are plumb perfect for making turkey sandwiches with on Thanksgiving night or over the weekend.

The turkey, he is ordered from my local farmer. The dressing, I will order from the local diner when it gets closer to time, because she makes better cornbread dressing than I can hope to make, and there ain’t no point in me messing it up. It will be a gracious plenty more dressing than I need, but I will freeze a bunch of it to mix with boiled chicken later on for some scrumptious chicken and dressing.

BA had what looked like a marvelous recipe for Hasselback sweet potatoes with a harissa sauce, and I’d love to try that, but if I got away from the sweet potato casserole with pecan streusel topping, I’d get shot. Best stay with the tried and true. I’ll try the other ones another time.

Dessert is the one area I have some latitude, albeit nobody eats it, because we’re all in food coma by that time. I have done cheesecake. I have done pecan pie. I have done fresh coconut cake. I may do any or all of those, or something completely different. I make a caramel apple muffin that’s pretty awesome, and one ought to be able to convert them over to a Bundt pan and then glaze it with a maple glaze. Maybe a couple more eggs, a little more fat, to make it more pound cake-ish. Or take my pound cake recipe and add apples, nuts and cinnamon chips. That has the advantage it’s not horribly sweet, and would serve well for holiday weekend breakfasts.

Anything I should add? Any favorites you want to shout out for me? Italian spinach occurred to me; I won’t eat it, but the kids would. And it’s another green thing. I could add mashed potatoes, but with mac and cheese, that’s gilding the lily a bit.

In any event, it’ll be good. We’ll be together. And it’ll be my Daddy’s birthday, so we’ll be thankful for him, though we’ll miss him a lot. And there’ll be a gracious plenty of food, should you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em not have any Thanksgiving plans and wish to stop by.


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