Unprocessing breakfast

October 3, 2018

Unprocessing myself right into that runny egg, I am!

It may not get a whole lot more processed than corned beef in a can, but when you make your own corned beef hash, and then fry up a couple of eggs over easy to slide on top of it, I’m ruling it serves as unprocessed lfor the purposed of October.

I mean, if I’d had homemade corned beef, which is certainly something I’ve done from scratch, I’d’a used that. I didn’t.  So, I’ve got the multi-million milligrams of salt, plus more preservatives than I’d like, but hey, there’s only half a can of corned beef in this thing, and three good servings of it. I have put two of them away for future breakfasts this week.

Corned beef hash is pretty easy to make. I chopped up half an onion, and about three decent sized potatoes, and sauteed them in some olive oil 
with a healthy shake of black pepper and a more meager shake of salt, until the potatoes were starting to pick up some color and get soft. I had diced the onion small, and the potatoes in about 1/2-inch cubes. You can grate them; I didn’t bother. You can bake or boil ’em first; I didn’t bother.

Use your big skillet for this, because it goes easier if you can spread everything out into a thin layer. Chop up your corned beef — you want about half to two-thirds of a cup of it — and dump it in. Stir to get it nicely distributed. You may want to turn your heat down to medium and put a lid on the pan for 10 minutes to help  the potatoes get nice and done.

Come back in 10 minutes, flip the potatoes around one more time, turn up the heat if you want more color but stay with it if you do; the corned beef burns quickly.  When it’s as brown as you want it, scoop it out on plates.

Wipe out the skillet with a paper towel, melt some butter over medium heat, and fry some eggs. I like yolk and very little white , so I discard a bunch of the white. Sue me. I have a great cholesterol number. Fry it a minute or two, flip it, give it another minute, and slide it atop your hash.

Boom, done. You could toast a slice of whole-grain bread and spread it with jelly, were you so inclined, but that’s about all I can imagine you wanting with this.

Warning. It ain’t a low-fat breakfast. But it sure is good. I suspect you and y’mama ‘n ’em will agree with me on that.


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