I have gardened!

May 3, 2018

These are the herbs that overwintered/reseeded themselves, along with a few pots of new ones from this year.

And, oh, God, am I going to pay for it tomorrow. I’m already so sore and achy I can barely move. Damn this getting old stuff.

But, in the books for this year, so far:

Six pots of herbs, plus a significant bit of weeding and rearranging in the herb bed.

  • Fourteen tomato plants (should have been 15, but I miscounted when I was buying, so I’ll pick up another one tomorrow). I have four Better Boys, an Arkansas Traveler, a Brandywine, and I’ll pick up a Cherokee Purple tomorrow, a yellow cherry, a red cherry, and six Romas.
  • Six pepper plants. Two Cubanelles, two pimientos, a poblano/ancho (he will be an ancho, because I won’t pick him until he’s red), and a Thai hot.
  • The seed garden, which includes pole beans, lima beans, cucumbers (two kinds), carrots, cabbage, radishes, squash, and I think something else but I forgot what it was. Guess we’ll see when it comes up.

The new herbs. They’ll catch up in a hurry; I gave ’em a shot of veggie speed.

Still to come are the two raised beds, one of which will be asparagus and one of which will be potatoes and onions, and the melons, which fell victim to the fact I decided to plant two rows of Kentucky Wonders instead of one. Heck, I had the seed. And I’m hoping to be able to put up some beans this summer.

Tomatoes. Peppers in the back, but you can barely see ’em.

I am about to give up the ghost and admit I need help to assemble the raised beds. Thinking I can draft a child Saturday or Sunday. Shouldn’t take long. May have to run get some more dirt to fill them.

I really wish I’d taken the plunge on asparagus when I first started thinking about it; I could have been eating asparagus from my own beds this year. As it is, I’ll be enjoying this in 2021. Oh, well; good things come to she who waits. I just can’t ever move, now. And I guess that’s OK.

Elsewhere in the wider world, some interesting things I have discovered of late:

  • Brandless. Bills itself as online grocery shopping, but doesn’t have a huge variety of products. It does, however, have some interesting condiments and such, as well as good prices on some kitchen and household items. My box came today, with kitchen tongs, an ice cream scoop, a dozen spice jars, and some serving bowls, along with some sauces and what-not. Hard goods appeared to be fairly well made; I’ll letcha know on the sauces.
  • The fact you can make sour corn just like you’d make sauerkraut. Believe me that I’ll be trying that one.
  • The fact that you can add turmeric and cardamom to rice pudding, along your nutmeg, and use coconut milk in it, and have a marvelous pudding with Indian flavors.
  • You can make Hawaiian rolls at home. It ain’t worth the effort. King’s in the package at the grocery are better.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em just remember, you heard it here first. And if you’re inclined to come help garden this summer, we’ll sharecrop this baby!




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