The faces of breakfast

April 26, 2018

Oh, hello, there. I used to hang out here some.

I used to cook some, in fact. And perhaps I will again. There just hasn’t been a huge amount of cooking at Chez Keyboard of late, in large part because I’ve been busy and gone and here and there and elsewhere and haven’t had my mind in the kitchen.

I have, however, cooked a couple of breakfasts. Well, I cooked one, and assembled t’other. Both were good, one was healthy, one likely less so. They both hit the spot, on different days.

There was this one:

The big ol’ breakfast

And this one:

Healthy breakfast. Can’t load up on fat every day.

Depending on the day, sometimes I’ll lean toward one, sometimes toward t’other. I got up hungry one morning, by virtue of not having eaten much the day before, and cooked the big ol’ breakfast of hash browns, eggs and bacon, with a slice of whole grain toast. It was pretty damn excellent, and spurred by the fact I’d bought a bag of frozen hash browns (the plain shredded kind, thankyouverymuch, none of your peppers and onions stuff, here). I just shook some out into a hot skillet with oil, salted and peppered them, let them cook a bit, kinda gathered them into a pile, and flipped them over. They didn’t stay real cohesive, but enough so they made a good nest for a couple of over-easy eggs, fried in the same hot oil, so the whites got a little crispy and the yolks stayed runny.

Bacon was the precooked that I nuked to warm, and the toast came off a loaf of King Arthur multi-grain that I’ve addressed before.

It was a fine breakfast, and tided me over until nearly dinnertime.

At the other end of the extreme, there were yogurt and granola and fresh fruit. I’ll gravitate to that a good deal more now that we’re about to get into fresh fruit season (there are Arkansas strawberries, already, and I’ll get some this weekend!). I keep homemade yogurt on hand most all the time, and make my own granola, and the breakfast was brought to  you by Aldi, which offered me blackberries for a buck for an 8-ounce clamshell package, which made two breakfasts. I bought two of them.

When this REALLY gets wonderful is when fresh peaches come in. Damn, I love me a fresh peach. I’m about to get the notion to make some fried peach pies with peaches I dried last summer, in point of fact.

Lunch has been but little more complex. One day, I felt fruity:

Fruit. Ain’t nothin’ wrong wit’ dat.

And the other day, possessed of leftovers from taco night the night before, I grabbed said leftovers and created a grilled cheese sandwich with beans, i.e., a bean and cheese tostada, along with a plain cheese tostada, which I clapped together to make a sandwich.

Toasted cheese, with beans. And lettuce.

This enabled me to indulge in one of my favorite taste treats, that of corn tortillas, fried crisp, topped with melted cheese as well as shredded lettuce and the real deal — Pancho’s dressing.

Unless you are or were a resident of or visitor to Memphis and environs in the 70s and 80s, you may well not know Pancho’s. The original Pancho’s still operates, slinging its own particular brand of Ark-Mex cuisine that is only vaguely, remotely Mexican in nature, down on the west end of the Interstate 55 bridge over the Mississippi River at Memphis, or the east end of Broadway in West Memphis, Arkansas; take your pick. And every taco they serve is topped with Pancho’s dressing, a sweet, mustardy-flavored viniagrette. And you can buy it at the grocery store. And I do. Regularly.

So I fried up a couple of tortillas; smeared a couple of spoonsful of refried beans on one of them (note: I would heat these in the microwave, first, next time; they didn’t hardly get hot enough under the broiler) and sprinkled grated cheese liberally over the beans and the other tortilla. Broiled that to melt the cheese. Added some shredded iceberg, drizzled liberally with Pancho’s dressing, and slapped them together.

Boom. Toasted cheese with beans. Had I not already frozen the leftover taco meat from the night before, I could’ve added that, too.

Good lunch.

Tonight, I think I shall indulge in a freezer meal of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrot. Because I don’t want to cook, because I’ve been working, or was, until I started writing this. And now I’m getting back to it. This is why you do those freezer meals — so you can eat a good meal on the nights you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em don’t want to cook.



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