The bunny got me, I guess

April 7, 2018

Yes, there was Easter lunch.

It has just NOT been a writing week. After the hustle and bustle of an Easter Sunday that began at 3 a.m., thanks to the AGC waking me up by kicking the wall between our bedrooms, up through sunrise service, breakfast at church, egg hunt, Sunday school, and service, and then Easter dinner, it about zapped me for the entire first half of the week.

And I did not cook. Much. I made myself some potato salad, and an asparagus and sugar snap pea slaw, one day. That was really about it.

Easter dinner was predictably good. I made use of a trick I learned on the food forum regarding deviling eggs. Cook, peel and halve your eggs; make up your filling. Put your empty whites in one zip-lock bag, and your mixed-up yolks in another. Stick both in the fridge, up to a full day before serving.

When you’re just about ready to serve, pull both bags out, arrange your whites, let your filling warm up a little (just roll the bag between your hands) and snip a corner off the bag. Then pipe into the whites. Garnish as you wish, and set them out.

And there were my Mama’s candied sweet potatoes.

The candied sweet potatoes were good, even if I hadn’t made them in decades. They were not as sweet as I remember Mama’s being, but that’s a Good Thing, as I remember hers being toothachingly sweet. Her recipe did not call for any cinnamon, nutmeg, etc; I might add a bit next time.

The ham was predictably excellent. I’m going to grind some up in the FoPro tonight, mix it with some grated cheese, season it up with a sauce of Worcestershire, butter, brown sugar and Dijon, and fill kolaches with it, if the frozen lump of yeast dough I just remembered to lay out and thaw will cooperate by doing so. The rest of the sauce will brush the top of the kolaches, which will then be topped with poppy seed. It’s the same thing as my ham and cheese rolls, just constructed a little differently.

The asparagus and pea slaw, of which I do not have a photo, is pretty simple. I had an extra pound of asparagus (because Kroger had it on for 99 cents a pound) that I thought I’d pickle, and I decided this would be better. I cut teh asparagus in one-inch or so lengths and blanched it for just a minute or two, then shocked it in cold water. The peas I just rinsed and cut into 1/2 inch chunks; some of the peas came out of the pods, and that was OK.

The dressing was a half-cup of cider vinegar, a quarter-cup of sugar, a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Heated everything to dissolve the sugar, then whisked in the oil. Poured it into the asparagus and peas, and let it set in the fridge for a day to marinate. Good, light slaw to go with whatever kind of meal is on your list to make.

The fruit salad I was going to make didn’t get made for Easter, so I made it last night. It wound up with grapes, apples, tangerine segments, and pecans; the dressing was a mix of sweetened creme fraiche and softened cream cheese, and I wound up adding a tablespoon more sugar to it. Not a bad little salad; not overly sweet.

And yesterday, I finally got in the notion to cook, so it was bread and pizza, which will be the stuff of another post.

Hope you ‘n y’mama ‘n them survived the spring snow today, if you’re in a part of the world that had it. I am, personally, mortally disgusted with snow on April 7, and surely hope the freeze isn’t bad enough to hurt the peach crop. Glad I haven’t planted anything yet; that’ll come late next week. In the herb garden, the sage, oregano, thyme, fennel, mint and summer savory have all overwintered nicely. I’ll need to plant tarragon, basil, parsley, cilantro, dill and chives. I have the material to incorporate a couple of raised beds into the garden, one of which will be asparagus, and the other which will be…something else.

Hopefully this is the last of blackberry winter.




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