Got the blues for a pig?

August 12, 2017

The one in the middle is to show the broiled-too-long side. Not burnt — but REAL close.

I have tested out a pet theory, and found it to be accurate.

Ever since I tried my first Blue Q blueberry barbecue sauce on some chicken, I’ve thought it would do well on pork. I put that theory to the test earlier this week, after I fetched out of the freezer some primo-looking pork steaks I had procured from my local farmer from whom I get my beef, pork and chicken. They were beautiful things, well-marbled but not too much fat. I stashed them in the freezer for the next time the kids were down for Sunday dinner.

That time came, or was supposed to have come, last Friday night. I laid in all the things they like that morning at the Farmers’ Market. And had cooked/prepped most of it when I got a message that the stomach bug had struck down my son-in-law.

Now, I had decided the evening before, when I got those steaks out of the freezer, that I’d sous vide them in Blue Q, as I had some in the fridge. So I went ahead and got the vacuum sealer out, and I sealed each steak individually in a bag with a dollop of Blue Q on either side, and put them into the bath to cook overnight at 140 degrees. They simmered along for 18 hours, give or take, before I took them out and chilled them, then stuck them in the fridge Friday morning.

Shouldn’t have even thought about cooking all these. Well, we still have ’em.

Those babies were a pound apiece. I went ahead and SV’d all four of them. They shrank very little during the cooking process, so I went ahead and chunked one of them in the freezer and put the other two on a rack in a roasting pan to finish in the broiler, with a fresh dose of Blue Q on top. I poured the bag jus in a saucepan to reduce for a table sauce.

I kinda forgot about them in the broiler, and they got a shade darker than they ought to have done; not burnt, but an espresso finish when a chocolate brown would’ve been preferable. I flipped ’em over to brown the other side (not that  much).

Well, we had three still-nearly-a-full-pound-apiece pork steaks. Child A and I ate most of one. The other two went back in a bag and in the freezer, and we’ll have them another time. And I bought two more of them at the market this morning; they’ll get a different prep, some other time.

A fine, fine dinner. Plumb hard to beat.

I had potatoes cut up that I was going to boil and mash, but when they told me they weren’t coming, I shifted gears and went to potato salad. I used, for the first time, my sweet pickle relish. It is apparently not as sweet as what I’m used to using from the grocery, so I will have to adjust next time. With peas and squash, it was a much bigger dinner than we’re used to on a Friday night, which is generally takeout.

So — we have yet another use for Blue Q. Adds to my belief my boneless pork chops would be just fine roasted in it. If you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em have not yet made it, go back a few weeks, find where I reported on the recipe, and make it. No doubt you will find even more uses for it.



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