Freezing fruit

July 5, 2017

Fruit, freezer bound. Except the cherries. They’re back in the fridge.

I got busy and blew through some of the raft of fruit I had in the kitchen, today.

As a result, I have peaches and mango puree in the freezer, as well as some roasted tomato-garlic sauce. (Tomatoes are a fruit, y’know.) And sometime in the next two or three days, whenever I can get BACK in the kitchen, we will have frozen watermelon puree, because I have this big honkin’ watermelon that’s been lying in my kitchen floor for a week and a half, and it needs to move.

I also had a somewhat inventive dinner, which actually involved sorta-kinda following a recipe, and which was pretty marvelous, and made Child A a homemade Egg McMuffin, which she allowed was pretty good, but I didn’t need to butter the English muffin next time.

Well, all righty, then.

I actually worked on, well, work stuff this morning, and hit the kitchen about 1 p.m. Blew through the bag of peaches, first; a quart into the fridge, peeled, cut up, macerated in a little sugar and white balsamic vinegar, to go with cottage cheese, ice cream, whatever we feel like. The rest in bags in the freezer. Putting up peaches is easy. Pit, peel, slice, bag. Repeat. That’s it. Kinda like freezing peas.

Then I had that box of mangoes that I had eaten exactly two out of. I contemplated several different preps, and decided I’d come closest to using them if I just pureed them and froze the puree. I can thaw that and use it in my yogurt or in a smoothie in the mornings, or cook with it, or whatever. Two pints and a half.

I was going to work up the remaining cherries, but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with them. I’ve never done anything with cherries but eat them out of hand, or put them in a pie. So I’ll keep pitting a big handful to put on yogurt in the mornings, I guess.

Picked tomatoes (and more damn cucumbers!) this morning. Decided I had enough Romas and cherries to do another small batch of roasted tomato-garlic sauce. It’s roasted and cooling, and will go in the freezer tonight. Won’t be too long before I have enough regular tomatoes to can a small batch, maybe.

Ran out of afternoon before I had time to get to the watermelon. But the Interwebs tells me I can freeze watermelon puree. I probably need to wait until I can get some small things in which to do that, or just do as the Interwebs suggests and find some ice trays and freeze it in those. One wonders if one, having frozen watermelon puree, could use it and canned tomatoes to make gazpacho during the winter? One must try that out.

Shirred duck egg in stewed tomatoes. Good stuff.

Then there was dinner. I’m on a mission to get the fridge cleaned out, so I’m dredging leftovers. I had made some stewed tomatoes from Vivian Howard’s Deep Run Roots, canned a couple of pints, and put a cup or so left over in the fridge. I’d planned on cooking a duck egg in it, per her “shirred eggs in tomatoes” recipe, so I decided it was time to do that.

I had no country ham thawed, but what I did have was several of those four-ounce packages of proscuitto from Aldi that I’ve been buying and throwing in the freezer. Thawed one of those, put four slices on parchment in the oven at 350 to crisp up. Dumped the tomatoes into a ramekin, made a little indentation, cracked a duck egg, separated off most of the white, and added it. Baked in the CSO, 15 minutes at 350.

Overcooked the egg (I keep forgetting to adjust timing for convection), but the yolk was still runny enough it blended nicely with the tomatoes. Ham “chips” on the top provided a nice salty, crispy counterpoint. This one’s a keeper; I’ll do it again. I had been somewhat underwhelmed with the tomatoes when I tasted them; the egg elevates them several orders of magnitude, and ought to be memorialized in significant fashion.

Being I had the extra proscuitto, I sauteed some of it with some fresh green beans until the meat was crispy but the beans still crunchy. Good stuff.

McDonald’s can’t hold a candle to my homemade Egg McMuffin.

Child A allowed she’d like to have a homemade Egg McMuffin, if I had ham, since we had English muffins. I beat up two eggs, put them in another ramekin I’d sprayed with cooking spray. Minute and a half in the microwave. Two of the slices of crispy proscuitto on top, along with a slice of American cheese. She approved, sans the butter on the muffin.

All in all, a worthwhile day. We got more cucumbers. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em come on up here and help me figure out what to do with them.



2 Responses to “Freezing fruit”

  1. misformostly Says:

    Kay, do you make the side dish with cucumbers marinated in an oil and vinegar dressing? I could eat that every day in the summer. It is a great way to use cucumbers.

  2. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    I do. But I get tired of it. I also make a salad with cucumbers in a sour cream dressing that has vinegar, sugar and dill.

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