Busy holiday Saturday

July 1, 2017

The quintessential summer lunch: The BTPC.

Woof. I’m tired.

By 10 a.m., I’d been to the farmers’ market twice, two grocery stores, Sam’s, and run some other errands. Then I came home and got busy.

I put everything away (exhausting in and of itself), put three racks of  baby back ribs in the water bath to sous vide, and made 15 pounds of sauerkraut. Well, it’s not sauer yet, but it’s on its merry way toward fermentation, basking in its brine in its bucket in the dining room. Come mid-August, we’ll have us some sauerkraut.

As for the ribs, I have no clue what day we’ll cook out for the Fourth, nor how many people we’ll be feeding. I found ribs for a good price at Sam’s, so I grabbed the, and figured I’d SV all three racks. What we don’t cook this weekend will freeze just fine, and they’ll be a quick weekend dinner one of these summer weekends.

I also made some ricotta, as I was contemplating making a ricotta cheesecake (which I think I’ll still make, though it’ll be later on in the weekend). And I sliced tomatoes and husked corn to make a tomato pie, but that didn’t get done. Tomorrow, hopefully. Thinking I’ll make a couple of small ones and put one in the freezer, so I’ll have it on hand when I need one.

Market veggies. How I DO love summer.

Also on the didn’t-get-done list: I did not work up the nectarines that have been in the fridge and need to be peeled, cut up and either pureed or frozen in chunks. Because I have peaches — the freestones are in the market! — and Rainier cherries and mangoes to take their place. Plus I still have cantaloupe and watermelon (that hasn’t been cut) from last week.

Oh, well. A woman’s reach should exceed her grasp.

And then I mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned up cabbage from all over everywhere, and then I went out and picked up Chinese for dinner for me and Child A, because I had been in the kitchen all day.

Oh, and somewhere in there, I made a fine, fine sandwich for lunch. A BTPC — bacon, tomato, pimiento cheese. On white toast. Not to be argued with. If there is a sandwich that is the epitome of summer to me, it’s that.

Market, and Sam’s, fruit.

Also the epitome of summer — the market today. I seriously had to restrain myself. Cucumbers weren’t a temptation, as I have the Cucumber Crop From Hell here (haven’t looked today; afraid to!), and I passed on zucchini but had to get yellow squash. And eggplants, because they were just so pretty. And sweet corn (but just a dozen ears). And purple hulled peas! Because…purple hulled peas! I got….lots. Will shell peas while the Cards are playing ball tomorrow afternoon, and put some in the freezer.

On the other hand, I did NOT get the scads of other stuff available, like tomatoes and peppers and onions and potatoes and greens and Lord, I don’t know what all else.

On the fruit side, there were watermelons and cantaloupes, blueberries and blackberries, and peaches. I passed on the watermelon and cantaloupe, as noted above, but could NOT pass up a bag of peaches — big pretty things! Once they ripen a little more, I’ll cut some up and put them in sugar to eat, and freeze a bag or two.

Can you tell I’m loving having the new freezer?

(Now that I have the new freezer, in point of fact, I need to stick the freezer container from the ice cream freezer in it and let it freeze. I bought one of these electric ice-less freezers off a yard sale site a year or more ago, and have never used it because I haven’t had room in the freezer to freeze the damn container. Homemade ice cream for the Fourth? I think so, yes.)

While I was about it, I went ahead and ordered this fall’s beef, and my Thanksgiving turkey. I do love my Deep Blue Farms folks.

So, tomorrow, I need to make a broccoli and cauliflower salad, use the rest of the broccoli and cauliflower in a jar of marinated veggies, and get THAT out of the way; peel, cut up and freeze those nectarines; shell and freeze the purple hulled peas; and make some burgers for Sunday dinner for me and Child A. (AGC 2 will be here, but he will eat his ubiquitous chicken strips. Or a grilled cheese.) Monday is for finishing anything I didn’t get done, and going to Memphis to eat dinner with my Memphis Guinea Pig, go to the ballgame, and watch the fireworks. Then Tuesday will be lazing around, finishing off the ribs for Independence Day dinner, and making a batch of potato salad and cole slaw to go with them.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em have a fine time this long weekend celebrating our country’s 241st (did I do that math right?) birthday, OK?



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