Instant pot Indian, holiday weekend, and those damn cucumbers

June 30, 2017

Happy Independence Day, y’all!

Whew. Long holiday weekend began about a cocktail and a half ago. And none too soon. I am not suffering fools gladly today.

This is an odds and ends posts, designed to catch up on a few things and ease us into the holiday weekend, which I am welcoming with Moscow Mules and salsa with chips and grated cheese. Don’t judge. It was that or Asian takeout, and I didn’t want to get up and get out to go get the Asian.

Holiday weekend will begin tomorrow, when I bestir myself from bed and set out for the Farmers Market and other assorted errand-running, and come home to do some serious cooking and housecleaning.  On my “get it” list at the market: sweet corn, peaches, more canteloupe, whatever else looks good. Cabbage, if the market still has any, and I’ll make some kraut, being I never got around to the last kraut I was going to make, and chunked the elderly cabbages yesterday. Thank God I at least have a compost bin.

Other errands include the grocery, maybe the liquor store (though I’m middling well stocked, and Missouri is nearby if I get desperate on Sunday), the drugstore (I’ll need those prescriptions before the weekend’s out) and, well, whatever else occurs to me. Then I’ll settle in for the rest of the weekend to watch TV, cook (indoors and out), read, go to church, play with the AGC2 when he gets here Sunday, and go see a baseball game and fireworks Monday night.

There will be some dining out. Monday. I’m thinking Flying Fish is on the agenda prior to the Redbirds game. I’m about due for some Cajun shrimp, not to mention Cajun shrimp I don’t have to cook (I have some Big Bayou shrimp in the freezer). Then the game, some Yuengling on draft, and fireworks. A fine way to usher in Independence Day, which will be quite low-key and may, or may not, involve burgers and trimmings. And maybe homemade ice cream.

Between now and then is whatever strikes my fancy. Stand by to be amused and entertained.

Meanwhile, last night I finally got around to giving a new toy a trial run.

All ready to cook!

This is a stackable steamer insert I ordered for my Instant Pot. Based on one use, I like it a lot. I cooked butter chicken (a vaguely Indian, vaguely curry-ish dish) and basmati rice, all at once, rice in one level and chicken in another. Recipe for chicken is here. I added a couple of tablespoons of honey at the end to give it the sweet taste the local Indian place does, cut the pepper in half, and used curry powder instead of garam masala because I couldn’t find my garam masala. Good.  The chicken (frozen boneless, skinless breasts) and rice cooked 10 minutes at high pressure; I might go an extra minute or two next time.

Butter chicken, basmati rice, all cooked together.

I can see this thingy being handy any time you want to cook something that goes over rice, or with a side dish if cooking times are compatible. If they’re not, you can always cook one, let it release pressure, add the second tin, and go again. Plus, it’s cute. And dishwasher safe.

They say you can bake cakes in these things. We may have to try that.

In other, non-related activity, the cucumbers-that-ate-the-back-yard are still voracious. The latest harvest, what I didn’t give away, resulted in these horseradish pickles:

Let there be MORE pickles.

We gonna be eating lots of pickles up in here at Chez Keyboard this year, yes, we are. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em need to just come on by and let me fix you a sandwich.






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