Frozen? Check THIS, Disney!

June 29, 2017

Freezers 1 and 2. If you turned around, you’d be looking at the canned goods shelf.

We have become a two-freezer family.

Well, actually four freezers, if you count the one on each refrigerator. But now we have two, count them, two, small chest freezers, sitting side by side in my storage room, happily awaiting their cargo of summer produce, which I am trying mightily to supply them.

You know those old sayings about a friend will do this, but a real friend will do THAT? Well, lemme tell ya. A real friend will give you her freezer, on the basis she figures you’ll feed her out of it. I can damn-sho’ deal with that.

I had been in the market for a reasonably priced, upright freezer (because you don’t lose stuff in them as badly), for some while. Hadn’t found one. Posted on a Facebook sale page that I was in the market. Another sale page reader, who happens to be a friend, texted me. “Come get this one of mine. You can feed me out of it this winter.”

Done deal. So now I am the owner of two, count them, two small chest freezes. I think my original one is 9 cubic feet; this one is just a tad bigger. And they’re sitting side by side in my storage room, along with the extra fridge (house had one when I moved in, and so did I, so…) and ITS freezer.

We gonna be chillin’ up in here this summer. Or freezin’. Or something like that.

Breaking the new freezer in right — sweet corn, 2017 edition.

So today, I got busy and worked up the bag of 50 ears of sweet corn I should have worked up over the weekend (good thing it’s been relatively cool, as the bag was in the carport), and that was the first thing to go in the new freezer, for which I have purchased a dozen little plastic baskets in the hopes of semi-organizing its contents. My tentative plan is:

Freezer 1, the new one, by virtue of it’s being closer to the door, will be for veggies, fruits and so on that I’ve put up, along with frozen convenience foods for Child A.

Freezer 2, the original one, will be for meat and fish. I have my quarter steer, assorted pork and pork products, however many chickens and packages of chicken I’ve stocked up from my farmers, and fish that’s generally ordered from Schwan’s, along with shrimp picked up at Big Bayou Market and frozen in big baggies of water. It’s the protein freezer.

Freezer 3, the one on the extra fridge, will be for broths and stocks and frozen soups. Note to self: need to stock up on pint and quart plastic freezer cartons.

Freezer 4, the one on the side-by-side in the kitchen, will be for assorted stuff normal people keep in their kitchen freezers. Well, not necessarily normal people. Normal people don’t have six pounds of butter, because they stock up when it’s on sale. Normal people don’t have six different varieties of nuts (pecans, walnuts, sliced almonds, slivered almonds, pine nuts, cashews). Normal people probably don’t have five pounds of coffee they ordered from their coffee vendor in Dallas because they ship priority mail, and it costs the same to ship a pound as it does the six pounds that fit in a priority box.

So F-4 will hold those things, as well as little odds and ends and maybe my homemade TV dinners (aka, the foil trays with leftovers from what I cooked tonight).

It’s such a lovely system, and I will feel such a sense of accomplishment and order. For about three weeks until it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

In any event, I’m going to rearrange freezers tomorrow, and contemplate what veggies and fruits will go in next, following the dozen pints of corn I froze tonight.

I think it may be fresh peaches. And maybe we shall go pick some more blackberries, just to freeze as pie makings. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em would come for Sunday dinner if I had a peach or a blackberry cobbler, wouldn’t you?



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