A peck of pickling

June 27, 2017

Here. Here’s a post I wrote four days ago, but didn’t have the photos edited to go with it. Here it is, with photos. Also, Good Night.

Pretty bread-and-butter pickles in Weck jars!

How it was, was, like this.

I had been out of town for a week. Before I left, I checked the garden. Picked a handful of tomatoes, a couple of banana peppers. Took them with me for a hostess gift.

It got hot while I was gone. Gardens, and things growing in them, like hot.

Got home, and got out between rainstorms and checked the garden. More tomatoes. And cucumbers…cucumbers on steroids. These are the Cucumbers That Ate The Back Yard.  There were about 15 of ’em, as long as my forearm and about that big around. But they were still good and firm, so I decided to go ahead and bring them in and do…something…with them.

Sweet hot pickles. We shall see. Recipe was a flight of fancy.


Something turned out to be pickles. Six half-liter Weck jars of bread-and-butter pickles, since I had a big honking bag of onions anyway. Four pints, two quarts, and a couple of half-liter tall jars of a sweet hot pickle that was purely an experiment; we shall see how it goes when we try them in a week or so.

And this morning I went out there are there are MORE freakin’ cucumbers! I have these pegged for pickle relish. And then we will be trying some kosher dill spears. After that, I guess we’ll be eating cucumber salad and giving cucumbers away.

Gawdamighty, I hate to think about when the zucchini start. I’m liable to become the zucchini dealer for the whole dang town.

Market haul. These pictures make me smile.

And of course, since there weren’t enough vegetables to content me in the garden, I went to the farmers’ market this morning. First weekend for:

  • sweet corn
  • watermelon
  • canteloupe
  • okra

And I got some of all of it except sweet corn, because? Because I have a big honking bag of 50 ears of sweet corn, picked Wednesday morning, on my carport that I HAVE to cut off and freeze tomorrow, or I will have waited too long.

Additionally, I got tomatoes, green beans, onions, new potatoes, cinnamon rolls, cauliflower and broccoli. That should certainly keep us fed all week.

I canned a little more today; had happened upon a good deal on blueberries, so I bought a couple of pounds, and made three pints of blueberry barbecue sauce and canned it. While I was about it, I worked up some of the tomatoes and made Vivian Howard’s stewed tomatoes recipe from Deep Run Roots, and then no one wanted dinner, so I canned that, too. Corn tomorrow, after we get back from my birthday lunch out, and then I’ll get pickle relish and kraut done next week, and be caught up until something else comes up.

Meanwhile, I need to go throw a five-year-old in the bathtub and see what else has to be done tonight before I go to bed early. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em have a fine Sunday.



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