A problem? I don’t think so!

May 20, 2017

This week’s market haul. And I wasn’t going to buy much.

Hello. My name is Kay, and I’m a veggieholic.

I am not ashamed. And the only 12 steps I may be undertaking are the ones between my couch and the kitchen stove, for what may be a second helping. In a few minutes.

Lord help me, I love spring and summer, for all manner of reasons, not least because of the bounty of fresh vegetables they bring. And farmers’ markets.

I’ve been on the road this week, and I’m still battling the aftermath of a stomach bug, so I haven’t even cooked the veggies I got LAST weekend at the market. I started not to even go today — it was rainy and drizzly — but I remembered the Amish guy saying he’d have ripe tomatoes next week. This was, in fact, next week. So the dawg and I took out in the rain for the market.

Where the Amish guy did, in fact, have tomatoes. And green beans. And his brother and sister-in-law had cinnamon rolls. Someone else had strawberries, and it’s getting on near the end of the strawberry crop. There were sugar snap peas. There were some of the prettiest little purple onions I ever saw in my life, and I bought some, no matter I’d just bought a 10-pound bag of Vidalias at Sam’s the day before. There were raspberries and — be still my heart — peaches!

Needless to say, I loaded my basket full. But at least I came home and cooked.

Can you boast of a better dinner tonight? I submit you cannot.

Tonight’s dinner was purely and simply a celebration of the first fruits of spring. All veggies; meat would have been superfluous. I sauteed squash and onions, from the yellow squash I’d bought last week. Tiny, sweet little squashes they were, too, prepared with sliced onion in just a little olive oil, cooked tender, seasoned with nothing but seasoned salt. The leftovers will go into a squash casserole later this week. It was sublime. I roasted tiny new potatoes, some of them large enough to cut in half, others cooked whole; I just scrubbed them good, tossed them in olive oil, sprinkled them in seasoned salt and freshly ground pepper, and stuck them in the CSO for 45 minutes at 375. There is nothing any easier, or any better, you can do with a new potato. This time of year, they’re creamy, buttery, a little bit sweet, rich all on their own. Those leftovers will get diced up, tossed in a hot frying pan, and served with eggs and bacon for breakfast one day here soon.

I strung the sugar snaps, and steamed them whole for about 8 minutes, then tossed them in butter. No seasoning. God seasons ’em just fine, thank you. Those will get recycled into a salad, or maybe succotash, or maybe just reheated.

I sliced up the smallest tomato, and dished out a little homemade ricotta onto it. I had fresh mozzarella, but couldn’t be arsed to dig it out of the fridge and open it. Ricotta worked just fine, though on reflection, I wish I’d just gone with salt and pepper. Wonderful, bright, tart tomatoes, spring bursting on your tongue.

Sweet Baby Jesus, y’all, but all that was good. I am replete. I think. I may not be in another 15 minutes, and it may be back to the stove for a second helping.

We got lots more veggies to work through this week. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em come on up, and we’ll cook some of them.


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