Hello? Y’all still there?

April 29, 2017

A plain ol’ country dinner; beans and sweet potato.

There has not been much in the way of cooking going on at Chez Brockwell of late, in large part because I have been working. This is a Good Thing, as it means I get paid, and given that I had to drop $1,400 on my car last week, getting paid is a doubly Good Thing.

But cooking has just not been a big priority, it seems.

Above is one dinner I’ve cooked. Doesn’t get much more basic, much more country, or much easier than this. Beans and a baked sweet potato; I had leftover ham, which I could not be troubled to get out of the refrigerator.

The beans are Rancho Gordo mayacoba beans; I threw a half-pound of them into the Instant Pot, along with some sauteed onion and a little garlic and a bay leaf, hit the “bean” button (no presoaking), and walked away. Came back to beans that were cooked tender, some 40 minutes later; I took a potato masher to them, because I like a creamy bowl of beans, added salt and pepper, and let them simmer along on low for another two or three hours.

No fat at all in these beans. I intended to put a spoonful of bacon grease in them to start out with, and just forgot it. They didn’t miss it. I do love the intense “beany” taste of Rancho Gordo beans. You’ll pay more than what you will in the store. You’ll get it back in taste. I recommend ’em.

The sweet potato went in the CSO for an hour at 400 on the steam bake setting. Perfect.

So that was dinner one night, and leftover beans and the other sweet potato, warmed back up in the microwave, were lunch the next day. I have no complaints.

Thirty bucks’ worth of plastic furniture makes a great nook to observe the garden.

The garden, which has been the beneficiary of some good rains, is coming along nicely. Lima beans, squash, eggplant and melons have all sprouted. Cucumbers and peas are coming along well. Tomatoes are growing copiously. We will have salad (lettuce and radishes from the garden, tomato from the produce market) with Sunday dinner tomorrow.

Future watermelons.

Peas. Looking forward to early peas.

I think I forgot to plant cabbage, and now I have no room for it. Dammit. Wonder if I can plant fall cabbage?

Elsewhere in the wider world, I’m traveling some the next couple of weeks, work trips, so there won’t be a lot of cooking upcoming, either. One is to a conference in North Georgia which has always in the past been characterized by a stop by the best produce market I’ve ever seen on the way home; last year, we came back with tomatoes, corn and peaches, and I worked my butt off for about two weeks putting it all up. This conference has always been in August, heretofore. I’m disappointed it’s so early this year, as I’m sure the produce offerings won’t be nearly as good.

My road-tripping buddy and I may have to make a couple more trips. I can always go to South Arkansas to get good sweet corn, and Missouri to get good peaches, later on. It may be that I’ll have enough tomatoes on my own; at least I hope so.

I will report on whatever good food I find along the way. If you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em wanted to, you could come check on the garden for me while I’m gone.



2 Responses to “Hello? Y’all still there?”

  1. Shelby Says:

    I’m still here 🙂 Your garden looks marvelous! Mine is a bit behind yours…it’s been cold here again and lots of rain. I’ll get more planted in a week or two. And, yeah, you can plant fall cabbage. Cabbage likes ’em some cooler weather like that.

  2. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    Yeah, which is why I wanted to get them out early, and thought I had, but apparently I planted extra radishes, instead. Oh, well.

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